Dame Dash Hiding From Arrest Warrant In North Carolina

Dame Dash has confirmed, in an recent interview with Dr Boyce Watkins, that he’s currently wanted by the police. The founder of Rock-a-fella Records says that he is hiding out in NC and dealing with outstanding warrants over child support and puts some details behind his current situation.Dame also blames these legal issues on his baby mommas shiesty lawyer Donnel Surares (whom he previously attacked via social media) .

Here’s what Dame is saying:

“If I gotta get locked up. I get locked up. But I was like yo! I’ll go shoot some movies until this sh*t clears up.

I went to North Carolina and shot two movies and ten videos. I opened up shop in North Carolina.”


  1. no one feel sorry for Mr Dash because He brought this on Himself

    He did the devil's dirty work by getting into a business with the shady stark Jay z, now Dame is talking about the Music Business how White Men are taking advantage of Black artists

    why ain't He talking about Aailyah?? but He's talking about these Culture Vultures that He helped to make shits loads of money

  2. Hell, I got one even better! Why is this dumbass motherf*cker is doing an interview and letting folks know where his clown ass yet knowing his ass got a warrant? A backwards dumbass indeed!

  3. Same fool who got two condos foreclosed in TriBeCa. Which was the equivalent of owning two mansions on the same block.

  4. How does one allow a foreclosure in one of the most sought after neighborhood's in NY? Why didn't he just sell the property..damn! Dame is a character that needs to get out of his own way.

    • He’s a smart dummy. Exactly! …Property go like hotcakes in Manhattan, so how could he not just sell them?

  5. Who in the hell is still watching movies Dame Dash produces? It's always about drugs money and fake power. Up your game Dame no one is into that anymore

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