Floyd Mayweather Called Out For “Lame F**k Boy S**t” By Adrien Broner

floyd mayweather adrien broner beef

Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner cut ties recently, and now Broner fires back at his one-time mentor.

Money publicly berated Adrien by saying he needs to grow up, and his most recent title was a sham.  This came after Broner went on the offensive and went on a F**k the Money Team rant.  Looking to clear up his name, Broner released a bizarre rant in which he defends himself as not being homophobic, and then laces into Mayweather.

In his rant, Broner defends himself and his recent championship holding:

“So with you to be saying that, that you’d be ashamed, you wouldn’t call yourself a world champion, you the one disrespecting Al Haymon! And you said if I’m disrespecting Al Haymon then I’m disrespecting you…you disrespecting yourself! How you want someone to respect you and you disrespecting yourself? Come on, Floyd. This s**t lame bruh.”

He eventually flat-out insults the boxing legend.

“What you did wasn’t no player s**t, that wasn’t no live sh*t, that was some lame f**k boy s**t.”

Some thought this was all a contrivance to lure Floyd back into the ring for his 50th fight, but this seems all too real on Broner’s end.


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  2. dont believe the hype….this is all set up to have them two guys fight in the ring …..smoke and mirrors
    they both planned this
    none of it is real!!!

    • Exactly! This is nothing but a big publicity stunt to build up to a fight between these two. People are so gullible.

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  7. ADRIAN: Because of you I gave boxing MY attention! You earned your place and no one can take that away! BTW you have personality, humor, and boxing skills! You put work in, went in the ring, lost a fight, but like all fighters you get humbled and get back up! Priority is God, Family, Career! Anything that is of Satan you just flick off like a booger! When I see you for me you brought back a interest because you draw attention whether it be funny ass shit I LOVE IT! Continue working hard and also look into plan B with a Adrian Bronner Reality Show to expand your Brand! The public like you! Stay clear of the booze and hoes and keep your eye on the prize! There will be a life after boxing for sure! Put God first! I see you in commentating also work on your media skills! Just my two cents 😉 God Bless!

    F.Mayweather & Oscar Open Letter:
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