Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Sarah Snyder Caught Doing Coke

jaden smith girlfriend coke 2

More tea gets spilled about Jalen Smith’s older girlfriend, Sarah Snyder.

It’s already been revealed that she has a criminal record for lifting a Hermes Birkin bag, and she is older than people originally thought.

Now the pretty blonde girl who is most notable for banging Will Smith’s son just got put on blast for doing cocaine.

jaden smith girlfriend coke 3

A video which was recorded by an ex-friend of Snyder’s shows her snorting a line of coke in a bathroom.  The line is sizable so she is definitely no stranger to the drug.

jaden smith girlfriend coke 4

In case you were wondering, a friend looks into the camera after Jaden’s girlfriend is done snorting and confirms, “That was cocaine by the way.”

jaden smith girlfriend coke 5

Don’t know how long it will be until Papa Smith puts an end to his son dating this wannabe-model girl.



  1. Congratulations Caitlyn on being Glamour woman of the year..now if someone would SACRIFICE ur ass that would make my year.

  2. A white bitch does coke and yall act like jadens gonna die jaden might be doing it himself hell he already wears dresses

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