Maxwell, Will Smith & Tyrese Go Muslim?


HSK Exclusive – Have Maxwell, Will Smith and Tyrese converted to Islam? I don’t know, but the trio are now referring to themselves as تايريس، ويل سميث، وماكسويل — the Arabic translation of ‘Tyrese, Will Smith, and Maxwell’.

On top of that, they appear to have taken part in what looks like ‘Emarati’ ceremonial practices. It all went down in Dubai’s Desert, where they rang in the New Year.

Peep it:


  1. People can’t change easily, its fact!
    But people can change, its unbreakable.
    If you trust Muhammad the prophet, you will change step by step to true peace.
    Its shame, many muslim don’t get “peace massages” from prophet Muhammad sallaullahualaihi wasalam, he said “i’m rahmatan lil ‘alamin” (means my way of live is grace and peace to universe from alloh ta’ala).
    Perhaps the every muslim get “hidayah and taufiq” (mean right guidance) from alloh ta’ala,
    there is no god who deserved worshipped except alloh.

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