Matt Jordan Speaks Out About Peter Thomas Fight Video Leak

These guys are more catty then the women!

As reported, on March 21, a violent fight between Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas took place at a North Carolina radio station. Now that the video has leaked, and gone viral

According to Straight From The A, Peter Thomas leaked video footage of the fight to her blog. The two-minute clip [SEE HERE] shows the men get into a hostile war of words, then Peter becomes threatening when he stands up, forcing Matt to respond accordingly and the physical fight ensues. Watch below.

Matt Jordan exclusively spoke to after he was made aware of the leaked fight footage. Jordan exclusively tells the site,

“I have not signed a release waiver granting Radio One, Peter Thomas or any media outlet, legal permission to use my image or likeness for any commercial and non-commercial purposes.”

Matt goes on to explain,

“I sustained injuries during the altercation. The leaked footage adds insult to my injuries. Cease and desist notices were issued by my attorney, and at this juncture, we’re prepared to move forward with legal action.”

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  1. omg, then he want to act like a whimp about the whole situation. lol He ran up on Peter, what part of the video did he not see? Matt take the L and move on. Because it dont matter which way you look at the video, because of your height, size and age, there is no reason why Peter should have ever had the upper hand in that fight at no point, whether he had a box cutter, gun or whatever. You shouldve been able to take it. But you got your azz whopped for the majority of the fight and at the end when you started to gain momentum, it was too late. And even if you did win at the end, your big azz was still body slammed by a man half, your age, size and height. So the shyt dont matter. If Peter only hit you 1 time, he won cause you too big for that shyt. So now we cant wait to see a nigga you size, knock you out, cause you cant fight. clearly!

    • That’s the truth, he let a senior citizen whip his big muscle bound butt.. Shame on him for taking it that far to begin with.. He not a man, he’s still a little boy trying to be a man.. I don’t like old Peter, but he showed Matt he can handle his young ass.. Peter has no reason to be ashamed, he got the upper hand on a young muscle man..LMBO

  2. and Btw, you might as well date men now, cause no female wants to see a grown azz man get slammed and put in a head lock by another man and one that is half your age, size and height. lol sooo embarassing. Move on to Men Matt, if yoi mot already there

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