Footage of Peter Thomas & Matt Jordan’s Radio Station Brawl Leaks

Grown a** men asking like fools for reality tv cameras… ?‍♂️

After trading threats over social media a few weeks ago over issues stemming from Matt’s eventful stint on Real Housewives Of Atlanta this season, their ongoing beef finally reached a boil when the two crossed paths at a radio station and came to blows.

Peep the footage from via Straightfromthea..


  1. Peter was pretty calm, sitting there with his hands in his pockets until Matt threw something at him and started swinging. But Miss Matt wound up on the bottom of the pile underneath a much older man. Peter can take care of himself – no doubt.

  2. When trying to be a bully goes terribably wrong. lol Thats what he gets. It dont even natter how short the fight was the fact that Peter about 30 years older, 80 pounds lighter and alot of inches shorter and was able to hang, makes Matt lool like a fool. Lol you cant be a man and get beat up on TV, thats about as bad as getting caught with gay.

  3. I like how the puerto rican dude was watching over the female so she dont get hit, but let Matt get his azz whopped. lol hahaha

  4. Why I heard Peter pulled a blade on Matt and made him think twice?
    Why it look like Matt won, but everyone is saying Peter held his own?
    Why Peter release only part of the footage?

  5. They tore up that office – M showed how unstable he is. She was trying to reason with him and he didn’t go along with that. When fame and greed take over….M wants that money hunny,

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