Matt Jordan Bashes Kenya Moore

kenya moore matt jordan breakup

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore and her on-again off-again boyfriend Matt Jordan have broken up once again, and their recent battle is playing out on social media for the rest of us to watch and laugh.

So apparently the RHOA cast was flying out to North Carolina for Peter Thomas’ new club opening. Matt says he was invited to go, and was rushing to the airport to catch his flight.

Once he arrived to the airport, he found out that Kenya had cancelled his ticket without telling him LOL! Wait a minute…why is Kenya out here buying plane tickets for a man???! Why can’t he buy his own damn ticket? SMH. But wait…it gets worse (or better? You decide.)

Matt filmed himself in his car going off on Kenya and telling his followers “this is the reason why” he bashes her online, and he’s “tired of this sh*t.”

In the caption, he even said he wasted his gas driving to the airport, and once Kenya found out about his post, she reimbursed him $20 for the gas. You know his broke azz accepted that money too!

matt jordan kenya moore gas money

But of course, that wasn’t enough for Matt. Sounds like Kenya has some craziness on her hands. How does she always get involved in situations like this?

While Matt was huffing, puffing and b*tching about being left in Atlanta while the REAL cast members were in North Carolina filming and having fun, Kenya remained unbothered.

How much longer until she gets a restraining order?


  1. Like attracts like they are both immature messy drama queens! Attention whores working hard together to make sure they get paid as long as people keep talking about them. Que Kenya Moore victim spin off in 3…2…1

  2. Kenya Moore is very intelligent, and well spoken! She's also very lovely, and pleasing to the eyes! BUT SHE'S NUTS! LIKE HER MOMMA! LAWD HAMMERCY, ON MY SOUL, IF TYHIS BITCH DON'T JUST GET IN A STEADY RELATIONSHIP FOR MOORE THAN A DAY, AND GROW THE FUCK UP, I'M GONNA……..keep wastcvhing her ratchet ass on TV and roasting her periodically! That ain't Neva gon change! Lmao????????

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