Masika Kalysha Gives Birth to Fetty Wap’s Baby

masika kalysha fetty wap baby birth

Masika Kalysha has finally given birth to a baby girl on March 29the. Her alleged baby daddy, Fetty Wap, was reportedly by her side during labor and delivery.

30-year-old Masika and 24-year-old Fetty have been battling it out in the media ever since Masika dropped her pregnancy bombshell. Fetty has denied being the pappy, and Masika asked him to take a paternity test “seven times,” but he refused.

Hopefully these two can get their shit together now, but I doubt it.



  1. Move along nothing to see here !
    Same ole shit , look at me !
    Attention anyone……attention please …..!
    He'll be sorry next tour date 1738….

  2. Ok I'm as happy as the next when a new life makes a debut. However when it's one of the two nextgen Flavor Flav…it's not as exciting. Congrats I guess?

  3. If this girl made thousands of dollars and then tricked off with rich guys and kings let her claim why the hell she get pregnant by a ugly ass rapper with one album why couldn't she get a baby by one of those rich guys

  4. She acted like she had hit the lottery! Cha-Ching, dolla signz and that move embarrassed and infuriated Fetty Wap! Now that she's calmed down after getting dissed by him she's come to her senses and realizes she has a baby to raise up, with or without Fetty in the picture. No guarantees. But at least she loves her child and and proud of her. Fetty don't need no mo babies!

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