Masika Kalysha Hustles Fetty Wap for Child Support & Shopping Sprees!

masika fetty wap child support

Just days ago, Fetty Wap issued a public apology for dragging Masika Kalysha on social media after she popped up pregnant with his baby. Masika accepted the apology, but it looks like she’s still looking for a come up, because she’s taking Fetty to court to have him support her whole lifestyle!

In the court docs, Masika is asking the court to determine paternity of her unborn child. Fetty of course denies he is the daddy, but Masika says Fetty was the only guy smashing her from June 28-July 15 – the time she conceived her meal ticket. She also stated that four months prior to conceiving, she was also sexing Fetty exclusively.

But it doesn’t end there, she also wants the “Trap Queen” rapper to fork over some major coins to cover “pregnancy expenses” and child support once the baby arrives – that adds up to $4,500 in rent, $820 for a housekeeper, and $2,000 a month for clothes. She can’t be serious…

So just because she decided to let Fetty’s raw peen impregnate her, he now has to be responsible for buying her clothes, paying for Molly Maid, and shelling out cash for an overpriced apartment? Hell naw!

But the amount of money Masika is demanding doesn’t even come close to her monthly total expenses. According to the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, it costs $17K a month in expenses for her to support her lifestyle.

Sounds like someone needs to get a job!


  1. Now he has a reason to sound like a Fish out of water !!!
    Wonder if her mom had a made ??
    Make it hard, For a black male to respect any black women or minority women !!
    Lazy and scary plus can't be trusted!!!
    Y'all better Straightened up coz the future is looking real sad !
    Got me like (Common) I used to love her and ain't talking about hip hop !

    • Bitch please. White women had flat asses for centuries from sitting on them all day. Black women carry and teach the whole world. There are whack black bitches like the white ones and mixed ones. Don't judge all black women based off this thirsty tramp. I have carried many 'ni**as' on GP. FOH.

      • If a man has a child by a black woman, you can almost guarantee that she will do everything in her power to diminish him financially, as well as keep him from having a relationship with his children. It's common practice!

  2. It's suppose to be child support huzzy, not for you. These men needs to use protection and she wouldn't be an issue.. You don't need a maid with one child huzzy, that's why no one will claim you.
    Trying to get more than the child needs.. Poor lil girl you time will come and it won't be nice..

  3. He better get Ludacris's lawyer.
    Then start wearing a condom, he ain't learn yet?

  4. What the f*ck she need a maid for? Damn her nasty ass can't pick up after herself? Look and learn gentlemen! This are the type of women who run from!

  5. I blame the men. They still don't get it. These are mercenary women and they are out there to get you. But this nonsense will continue because they don't learn. She should go for $25,000 a month and get it. Will that be enough to teach a lesson? No. We will hear about the next fool that does what he did.

  6. She didn't force this man to put his penis in her vagina. Don't have sex outside of marriage. It's that simple

  7. whotf gets an apt and not a house for that price some1 who will not have long-term wealth LOL. petty wap's career is done after this plot so she better off finding a new trap lol

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