Kim K Triggered Ray J’s Cycle Of Abuse Against Whitney? Maxwell Billieon Says YES!

“All of it, and so much more, hours and hours, we talked about. I know it all. I lived it all with you … Paris Hilton, the Houstons’ … all of it. Do not forget.”
— Maxwell Billieon, to Ray J

HSK Exclusive — It seems that stank vagina wouldn’t be exclusive to the toxicity Kim Kardashian is said to offer up! Know why? According to Maxwell Billieon, Ray J could still be fighting to “heal from the past abuse, and continued abuse with Kim.”

“Let’s not forget the countless hours, weeks and months, Ray, that you spent on my couch in search of the blueprint
that I used to change my Life so that you could change your life and stop … stop the abuse with Whitney.”

Billieon is the interviewer we heard Ray J air out (no pun intended) Kim K’s nasty na-na, in that gone-viral va-jay-jay recording. In a recently posted YouTube video, the author/fashion guru — who says Ray J called “Big Brother” — not only confirms the turnt up tape is true, he also says Kim K, her coochie, and the sex tape left Ray J a traumatized victim of abuse … which may have ignited an abuse cycle leading that Ray J to become the abuser in his later relations with Whitney!

“Let’s not forget the countless hours, weeks and months, Ray, that you spent on my couch in search of the blueprint
that I used to change my life so that you could change your life and stop the abuse with Whitney.”

One thing’s for sure … there is one inaccuracy that we can confirm: the audio wasn’t recorded 8-years-ago, it was 4-years-ago… just ask Nick Cannon!

Here’s what Maxwell Billieon had to say to Ray J:

“Get past the sex tape, and the truth that haunts you, probably still until this day. All of it, and so much more, hours and hours, we talked about. I know it all. I lived it all with you … Paris Hilton, the Houstons’ … all of it. Do not forget.

Now, you say you’ve changed your life … or you’re changing you’re life … so that means you have to be honest … Yeah lil bro … you called me big brother … so little brother, it’s Time for honesty

You have to be honest with yourself about your past. You have to be honest with me. And, you have to be honest with the people, with the public. Because if you’re not honest … then I will be.”

Maxwell Billieon also had this message for Jacky Jasper:

“And to the guy … Mr. Street King, you call yourself, that’s leaking … either you stop or I’ll stop you. Because this should be beneath you, especially as a man of color.

All you’re doing is seeking to divide and conquer and destroy lives. That should be beneath you as a man of color. You’re proving to everyone else that all we know how to do is degrade and defecate all over each other. And that must stop and it will stop now.

This is your olive branch. It’s time for honesty. That’s what I want for you. That’s what I want for all of us.”

Here’s what Jacky Jasper had to say about it:

“The game is sold, not told.”

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    • So when did friends start recording conversations?
      Why was (Rj real jerk) on this weird looking mans couch searching for a blue print that he obviously didn't find ?
      Sounds suspicious or him and Rj closer than we all think broke back mountain close !

  1. Soooo Ray J abused Whitney? No wonder Bobby Brown's sister Leolah Brown can't stand Ray…She said she knew exactly what happened to Whitney the day she was murdered. Hmmm…Chickens is coming home to roost for Ray J. I hope Jacky Jasper doesn't get scared and stop exposing these demons..The masses need to know.

    • He must be gay and they had a relationship.ray probably had something to do with her death.

  2. Interesting. So is RJ saying he didn't get to/have to sign off on the sex tape? He never intended it to be sold? Was he set up? That could leave him vulnerable. I think people are becoming less afraid of the racist dynasty Klan.

    • I LOVE the picture of the male Chalkhill butterfly! Like you I have a bit of a blue obsession. I have taken this very walk a few years ago and it is as stunning as you describe. Did you go to Newtown? as well, there were some lovely meadows there. Lovely post.

  3. So Gay J abused Whitney because ok Kimmode?? Wow, Koonye is a damn fool for marrying Kimmode, her and her family are dangerous!

    • You believe that Ray J abused Whitney because of KIM? Good lord woman.

      Do you hold men responsible for anything? You really believe that white women have them so bewitched that they are helpless to be decent men?

      If my man could be so weak as to treat me bad because of what a white woman did to him, she can have him.

  4. I'm sorry but no one can make you abuse another person, that's a learned behavior.. He needs to be in therapy and get the help he needs.. Stop blaming others for your action.. We all knew Kim was a thief decades ago, Brandi said so, she charged thousands of dollars on her credit card, but her mother paid it back.. She was Brandi stylist at the time.. Grow the hell up little boy and be a man..

  5. Stop it. Ray J's punk-buster ass didn't have it in him to do anything but be Whitney Houston's lap dog and or a piece of ass for the late great diva. Ray J didn't have enough swag then or now to get into a real woman's head. He's just mad Kim K used his ass (literally) and got more famous than he is. Go sit the F down you black ass FROG!

    • Kim took a bad situation and made it pay her. Until Ray-J, nobody even knew who she was really. Instead of someone known he chose her to climb up to the second floor, only she was quicker and smarter than he was and got before and INSTEAD of him. He can't let it go but that's life. She was quicker to the punch than him. Sorry, that's it goes in Piranhaland.

  6. What was the purpose of this? I rather talk about Big Ang death over her 4th stage lung and brain cancer than Ray J.

    • I know right. She died so soon after opening that restaurant.

      She was funny as hell, but damn, all that surgery and died hair. The cancer was not a surprise, just how fast it took her was.

      • She was getting everything straight for her family. The house , the restaurant, omg she was doing it all! I was rooting for her hard! Can't believe she is gone! She is up in heaven with her parents and her favorite uncle Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi.

  7. Go watch a old episode of Fresh Prince of Air. Jazz is holding a cardboard cut out of Bill Cosby. Will Smith ask Jazz "What happened to your Whitney Houston cardboard?" Jazz said, "It got torn up in the shower." Proof that Clive Davis planned to murder Whitney years before her death in 2012.

  8. Don't believe those Whitney theories butbdavid bowie and Joan rivers was on the Simpsons what about that and let's not forget the robin Williams death conspiracies from family guy

  9. Im sure you can predict the death of your friendly neighborhood crackheDs as well. Seth rolls in those circles. Hos so called predictions are merely observations. Grow up ppl. There is no boogie man.

  10. ^^^^I disagree there is a boogey man, he is called satan. These black celebrities made a deal with the hellish demon and soon all of them will pay the price (This includes Obama). It's a fact, hollywood is the devil's playground and the Oscars are satan's prom. I truly believe Whitney was murdered by Clive Davis aka satan's son. I believe Robin Williams was murdered so somebody could fullfill a blood sacrifice. Trust me there will be another celebrity that dies under mysterious circumstances this year. Oops that already happened, Antonin Scalia.

    • Supreme Court justices aren't celebrities, they are appointed to their positions to the highest court in the land by Congress to interpret the highest law in the land.

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