Mary’s Fans Show Support @ Album Release Party: ‘F*** Kendu!!’

mary j blige fans album release party

Mary J. Blige’s fans were super lit at her album release party!

This video caught Mary on the mic as her fans began to chant, “F*** Kendu” in regards to her estranged husband, Kendu Issacs.

Kendu is being accused of cheating on the R&B diva with their protégé, and he’s also trying to drain her of all her cash now that their marriage is over.


  1. Mary is always/loves to play the victim. 1st it was K-ci & now this dude. Career built on misery. I’ll pass on the new music. I feel Mary needs to sit down.

    • Agreed. Mary is the typical Capricorn- no offense to any commenters here who happen to be one. Loves to play victim and hide their hands when it comes time to be held accountable. Mary has never seemed like she was really happy when it came to the romance department. Some people deserve their misery; for that it’s only a bi-product of themselves.

      • To Truho that Blows, Pot Kettle…

        Outside of that what type of miserable bitches are you two?

        If your love lives were all peaches n cream I am sure you cluck-clucks would not be on here worried about someone else’s.

  2. Case beat her, k ci, beat her ghostace beat her, puff beat her she fuckef everybody else in the industry, puffy vet her ass method man beat her ass, Missy beat her ass then her and kim was lovers just like her and faith was lovers

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