Mary J. Blige Responds to Ex’s Spousal Support Demand

mary j blige spousal support

Mary J. Blige gave an interview to Angie Martinez, and she let her bummy estranged husband know she doesn’t owe him nuthin’!

Kendu Issacs is seeking $110,00 a month in child support, and Mary said, “I can’t believe you’re trying to stick me up and no disrespect to his family at all, but I’m not responsible for you….Why do you think you deserve anything?”

Peep the interview.


  1. rolling my eyes…it takes two mary for a marriage to breakdown. you don’t cook? why don’t you start? he doesn’t like your hair that way why not change it? isn’t a marriage a give and take and you want to please your mate and vice versus? a breakdown in communication…how many women was one way during the dating but later changed and the same for the man? i don’t believe it’s all his fought or all your fought it’s both of you…stop bashing. if a woman can ask for $$$ why not a man?

    • I agree with your comment, been married close to 20 myself, but why she owe him child support when they didn’t have any kids together?

      • she doesn’t its a money grab. only way she will have to pay if there’s some documentation that she would. she will settle to make this go away. i’m not sure if there was a prenup and if not it should’ve been one! as far as him being her manager…yes mary, he had to be paid because he was working for you…unless again it was in writing that he wasn’t going to be paid. do the right thing mary.

  2. oh yeah he’s a bum but when women do it it’s ok , didnt she sing about this already ?

  3. She married him to ‘redeem’ herself. Isn’t or wasn’t he a preacher or something. So when she got ‘healed’ from all the bad press about her drugs and dysfunction, she didn’t need him. Hell she didn’t need him in the first place. Didn’t see any chemistry in the first place. Sad how women rely on men to save them. Everyone waiting for her new music tho.

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