Ciara & Russell Welcome Their Baby Girl! Her Name Is…


    ciara russell gives birth baby girl

    Ciara has given birth to her baby girl, and she and her husband Russell Wilson announced the news on their social media accounts.

    The baby was born on April 28, and peep Ciara’s IG post to see what they named her.

    This is Ciara’s second child and Russell’s first.



    1. Congrats to them. God bless them.
      Plus, why does it feel like Ciara has
      been pregnant for at least 2 years? (-_-

      • We thin this way with all these pregnancies because we have a microwave mentality to pregnancy. Additionally, we see these pregnant celebs in the news every week and forget they have weeks or 9 months total. It would seen now like Beyonce has been pregnancy for a long long time. Except Janet. For some reason it seems she was pregnant for a month from announcement to the actual birth.


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