Mariah Carey’s Sister Pleads for Help on Her Death Bed

mariah carey sister pleads help

Mariah Carey’s dying sister is still pleading for her superstar sibling to come to her aid. In a new video recording, Alison Carey begs Mariah to end their feud as Alison’s health begins to deteriorate.

“‘Mariah I love you, I desperately need your help,” ~ Alison Carey

Alison is in need of financial support as she’s fighting to regain her health after a home invasion attack in April 2015 that left her brain damaged. She is also battling HIV.

Mariah’s brother recently put the singer on blast for refusing to help Alison out with her medical bills. Do you think Mariah will finally reach out to her family now?

Click here to see Alison’s video message for her sister Mariah.


  1. Mariah Carey is too busy being a diva. Having people pick her lazy ass up cause for some reason she thinks walking is beneath her. She is ought to be ashamed of herself. Drunk ass

  2. You also left out the fact the Mariah's sister is a hooker, crack fiend and spreading AIDS around too! Mariah did try to help her back in the day, but we all should know how helping crack fiends out can be…

  3. Alison would sell her body to feed Mariah and the rest of the family so they would have clothes on their backs and food to eat. This was before Mariah was famous.

    • Mariah didn't cell her body to feed her family…she did it for drugs. Be clear about that. But I do think she should help her sister if she can.

  4. But doesn't Mariah have her kids and was raising them for a long time. Didn't Mariah try to help, especially when she was first diagnosed and she refused her help? One can only get burned so many times Mariah now has kids of her own to think about.

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