Mariah Carey to Star in Reality Show, Is This the End of Her Career?

mariah carey reality show

Mariah Carey is filming a reality show according to sources. The singer will have cameras watching her every move as she gets ready for her Las Vegas residency, and her European “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour.

The show will air on E! even though some members of Mariah’s team have urged her not to move forward with the reality program.

Someone of Mariah’s stature should not be doing this. Whitney Houston did a reality show and that was the real end of it. We hope that it doesn’t end up being like when Whitney did ‘Being Bobby Brown’

What do you think? Would you watch a Mariah reality show?


  1. But here is the thing. Bobby and Whitney's love was the real deal. What U see is what U get. That was 100% real deal with them. Mariah..uhhhh…ummmm

  2. Let's face it, she's old. She's not gonna have to same success she has before, If it wasn't for black community supporting her, she would of been a 1 hit wonder! But she doesn't want to admit it!

  3. Comment: when bobby and whitney made their show they was already hasbeens and whit was sdoing so many drugs she was gonna die with or without the reality show.

  4. Dont worry I'm sure the E! Network will be kind to Marian in the editing room….they will edit out all the times she's bringing that damn wine glass to her lips, slurring her words, or popping pain & xanax pills..don't worry they won't show none of that…

    • Yeah and I don't think that Ryan Seacrest will fulfill all of her "acts like a diva" requests…
      This guy is a bully to wanna be stars and washed out stars and many many celebs fear him for he's the gay devil that wears Prada lol…

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