Mariah Carey: No Singers Are Qualified to Perform at My Wedding!

mariah carey singers wedding

Now that Mariah Carey is engaged to billionaire James Packer, the wedding planning is in full effect.

The singer was stopped by paparazzi and asked which singers were qualified to perform at her wedding….and she gave a typical Mariah answer!


Maybe if she said this 20 years ago we would be laughing, but Mariah hasn’t been able to sang for years. She’s not even qualified to sing at her own wedding!!


  1. ? ?…A Hero lies in ? that perpetual frog in her throat. Thank god we got saved from another decade of elementary school lyrics. She needs to retire that mic

  2. Oh shit…well just have instrumentals playing or a damn silent wedding.
    I heard a really uncomplimentary story about her from someone here on HSK and her divatude has been out of control for a long ass time. She need to take her, her deformed looking kids and her billionaire somewhere and sit down. Her jabs at people are far from cute especially when there are a bunch of people who can out sing her ass these days.

    • I agreed with you until u spoke about her kids. That's a NO-NO.

    • Her children look like they have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I wouldn't be surprised, she's too into herself to ever give a f*ck about the outcome of drinking heavily while pregnant. When I saw pics of her and Nick together with the kids, she always looked very uncomfortable and detached. Smh….

  3. she can no longer sing nor hit a damn note her gotdamn self. the nerve chic? SitchoNowIrrelevantAssDown heffa. really though lady?

  4. she needsta be focusing on her dying sister who is dying from AIDS rather than focusing on a wedding and being married to Lurch's identical twin brother of the Addams Family, because that f*cka is some kinda fugly. he may have billions but that face though he suffering from. kiddin me?

  5. Mariah Carey is in the top ten greatest female singers of all time. She has the authority to say that statement. Now if someone like Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez said that, They would look foolish!

  6. Sistas let this be a lesson, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will severely damage your vocal cords and your larynx. Mariah Carey can no longer sing because of her excessive alcohol consumption. The bottom line, just say no to drugs; This includes alcohol!

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