Mariah’s Boyfriend Throwing Shade at Nick Cannon?


    mariah carey bryan tanaka breakup

    Nick Cannon recently went on the record to say Mariah was back together with her ex Bryan Tanaka. Nick even called him a “nice guy,” but he might change his opinion after he sees how shady Bryan has been on social media!

    The backup dancer was busted liking a comment about Mariah and Nick. It looks like he’s sick and tired of everyone hoping the divorced couple gets back together.

    bryan tanaka nick cannon mariah carey

    Can you blame him for agreeing?


    1. This hefty bag heffa love to have her big ass picked up & carried around like she a damn pomeranian…girl bye. Lookin like a rescued beached whale in that pic

    2. At least Nick Cannon seems to have most of his shit together, and ain’t still out here giving lackluster show appearances; looking strung out and shit. Nick Cannon seems like he’s simply moved on, and is happy with his life. This dude is nothing but Mariah’s boy toy, who she’ll string along, and simply dispose of when she’s through.

      • It’s sad isn’t it?

        ll the witty, smart people are gone. Now it’s just a gaggle of women who hate black men and white women.(particularly together.)


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