Mariah Puts on a Performance Looking High AF!

mariah carey embarrassing performance

Mariah Carey looked out of her mind during one of her most recent performances!

The singer didn’t even bother trying to do all the dance moves. Watch as her backup dancers have to practically carry her around the stage just to get her to perform.

Might be time for someone to retire!


  1. Why does this woman insist on having these nigguhs pjck her hefty bag ass up every minute. Yea she need to lay off tha booze & pillz (vicodin,oxy) she bexoming no better than britney spears lol…she still got a leg up on that hoe, but still Mariah at least britney stand on her own 2 feet most the time. It also dont help she got 8 layers of spanx on, a bitch cant breathe.

    • LOL hefty bag ass LOL That’s what she is. With all her money you would think she’d have more than one outfit in a trillion colors that she looks horrible in.

      She’s too old to walk in those tall heels. Wait for it……Mariah falls off her heels coming soon to a stage near you LOL

  2. She can’t accept getting older and fatter so she pretends she isn’t with her enablers (dancers).

  3. She really s closing in on Britney territory, but Britney at least seems stable right now.

    After the NY’s Eve fiasco on TV, I’m surprised she can even get a gig. It’s time for her to accept aging(Madonna too) and stop trying to be sexy. No one wants to see a 50 year old trying to be sexy.
    The only time she was classy looking is back when Tommy Mottola was controlling her every move. She’s looked like a pudgy ho ever since she divorced him.

    • Being 50 and sexy is alright- she’s just doing it the wrong way.

      See Angela Bassett and Cynthia Bailey for lessons in being 50 and killing it!!!!

  4. Mariah Carey is WAYYY past her prime, and she’s struggling so hard to hold on. She needs to give it a rest, and just give it up. This also just lets you know that she ain’t got it together financially if she’s still having to do all of this at her age. Fame is a MF!

  5. She is what the British call”Mutton dressed as lamb.”

    And get rid of those 6 inch heels Mariah. You think they make you look slimmer, but they make you look like an elderly lady because you can’t go anywhere without a man on each of your elbows just like my Meemaw.

    Honey it’s no crime to be old and hefty, buy it IS a crime that you don’t hire a top stylist to dress you age and weight appropriate. Look at the joke Madonna has become.
    Then look at Sharon Stone who is 60, but accepted her age and doesn’t try to pretend it’s 1992 and Basic Instinct just came out. As someone said above, Angela Bassett looks great too.

    You have to come back to reality or you will live the rest of your life as a gay icon and a laughingstock.

  6. Talk about cringe worthy. Mariah’s performance or lack thereof was embarrassing, to say the least. I would not pay a nickel to see her pretend to perform.

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