Manny Pacquiao’s Secret Love Child Exposed!!!

Manny Pacquiao Secret Love Child

Jinkee Gets Jaded?

HSK Exclusive – Manny Pacquiao’s days of delving into drugs and smashing strings of groupies may be long gone, but the born again Christian boxer is said to be left with a tight bond to one of his former extramarital smash buddies.

HSK has exclusively learned the Filipino fighter is father to a secret love child, conceived about eight-years ago, with one of his female fans. An insider reveals the kid is a boy. Don’t believe me.. Ask Manny’s wife, Jinkee — who’s said to be familiar with the situation.

Here’s the drop from our insider:

“Manny told me himself, while his wife was right there. His wife was very rude to all females in the room. You’d think being the wife of a man who’s a celebrity, she would conduct herself better. She’s a b*tch.

He told me about the boy while were playing a game of chess — he wasn’t good. He was all about the attack, not thinking of his next move on the board.

Manny is pushing, he’s constantly taking about Jesus, hoping to gather more Christian followers.”


  1. So how many quotes were chopped up to make this. It makes no type of since and is all over the place.

    • I’m with Sunni & Freddie….
      The article seems to be quite frayed to say the least including the misspelled/misued words & poor grammar but moreover…what is the meaning of this & why, for what reason ? Avid boxing fans (which I am) consider this VERY old news as is the snippet regarding Manny’s prior meth use of which he STILL denies to this day. (I don’t believe him & think that’s why he didn’t fight Floyd sooner.) As for his wife not being nice…I met her twice at a Catholic Charities event where she donated quite a bit of money…far more than our company & HIM Int Music combined. She was very gracious toward my coworker but was very “stern in her tone” toward the female Asian journalist who I later learned was not an invited guest. She was looking for Manny who was not in attendance. If they want to talk about boxing why not dive into the facts behind Oscar De La Hoya’s $ 300M lawsuit against Al Hayman? Now THAT’S where you’ll find some REAL boxing gossip & drama!!!

  2. @Sunni, I was about to ask what is this about. Because the wording doesn’t make sense.

    So we know the wife is a bitch and knows about his other kids.

    We also know that Manny plays chess & I guess talks to jesus.

    So what is the problem? Why is this a story?

  3. He’s wife does look like a total bytch, She should be thankful She’s living a lavish lifestyle
    that other Women would dream about.

    Manny needs to drop His racist boxing coach, who calls Black People a nicca’s

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