Mally Mall & GF Nikki Mudarris Newest Members of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Mally Mall Love & Hip Hop Los Angeles

Update: Mally Mall ended his relationship with Nikki Mudarris after Mudarris made some racist remarks while filming this seasons Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.


HSK Exclusive – Hip hop producer Mally Mall and his socialite girlfriend Nikki Mudarris are the latest cast members to appear on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

An insider is also saying singer Omarion’s mother Leslie Burrell is Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s version of Mama Dee. The show will premiere on September 15th.

Insider went on to say that Mona Scott Young is in love with Mally Mall’s girlfriend-Know why? Because Mona Scott Young believes Mally’s girlfriend Nikki Mudarris strikes a resemblance to Kim Kardashian and the couple could bring viewers to the program.

Here’s the drop:

“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is the most ratchet show Mona Scott Young is bringing to television.”


  1. Using the term “socialite” means this woman has money, status and is well known. Most of us have heard of Paris Hilton, the Ecclestein sisters, etc., who are true socialites. Who is this woman and what social circles does she travel in to be labeled as such?

      • Socialites are known in social circles. That’s like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg? You answered a question with a question. Feel free to say you don’t know the answer to my question, or you can say nothing.

        • “Socialites are known in social circles’
          Everyone is known somewhere. So…we’re all socialites????

          While you was gettin your bloomers all in a bunch from my question I was genuinely curious as to what determines a “true socialite”. You seem to have some insight…but maybe you’d just rather try to check people. lol

    • Socialite 2014 ie: has an online boutique or some half ass business, or is a model/gold digger (living off of men by being kept). Is a party chick always on the scene (being social)

      • I was called a “socialite” whenever my pic was in the Atlanta paper. It just means you are liquid, donate a fair amount of money, attend charity balls and go out to eat at the right restaurants. lol

        • Exactly……The original meaning doesn’t apply to MOST of these Instagram Models/Thots…The original meaning is that you come from an old money/established family,and did some philanthropy. Btw when i said model in my original post I meant “urban models” NOT Naomi Campbell level models

  2. P.S. I saw a commercial for the show. It is titled Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Ray J. is the only one who is actually active in Hollywood on the show. The rest of the folks have either fallen off or are still struggling to get back on. What kind of depiction of Hollywood is that?

    • Thank you, NWA. So she is not a socialite. No surprise here. She is a prostitute, which is no surprise, as she is dressed like one.

  3. Where the hell did she find Mally Mall is the question I have? Mona is scum and these people are the ponds she feeds off. But I’ll be watching all the f*ckery and foolywang. DJM

  4. Mona is so “thirsty” she’s salty…What’s next Love & Hip Hop Hillbillies??

  5. great 2 hilly billy’s profiting off black people’s music that’s all we need not……..

  6. Pretty is when you do not have to wear makeup and false hair and can go to the grocer and still turn heads from men wanting your number.

    • Pretty is as pretty does….
      The prettiest ones are usually the most insecure
      And empty inside.

  7. Mally mall is a pimp with herpes. Don’t believe me then sleep with him and tell me how that works out for you 😉

  8. She needs to sue her surgeon. Those boobs look ridiculous! They’re about a foot apart from one another and ride too high. With all her money, she couldn’t get a decent set of titties? A damn shame!

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