Ludacris Has NEVER Seen His New Baby Daughter Balks @ Child Support


“She has yet to meet her father and it’s unfortunate because I would never keep him from seeing her.” ~Tamika Fuller

After nearly a month since his daughter was born, Luda Juice still hasn’t paid a visit to his spawn. Don’t believe me.. Just ask his jump-off baby momma Tamika Fuller.


Fuller also addresses the back and forth in court regarding Ludacris’ ability to pay child support, insisting she’s not looking for a handout. “It saddens me that it has come to this. I did not file on him. Nor would I ever try to attempt to extort my child’s father. In spite of all that has already happened I just ask that the negativity stop towards him and I. We have a child to co-parent … Her best interests come before any of all of this foolishness.”

Ludacris, who is a multi-millionaire has filed legal paper saying he can only afford to pay $1,744 per month in child support.

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