Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra Says Cheating Isn’t a Deal Breaker

amara la negra men cheating

Love & Hip Hop Miami’s breakout star Amara La Negra gave a candid interview to Madame Noire and opened up about dating and relationships.

The singer and reality star said her last relationship ended in 2017. And if she were to find the time to be committed to someone again, she wouldn’t end things if he cheated on her.

“God forbid I were to be with a man and he were to cheat or be with another woman. As long as I don’t know about it…what can I tell you? If I find my man and my man cheats on me, and I’ve invested time in you and I gave you all of this, I don’t think I would just leave you. So I’m going to leave you so some other b—h can have you? [Laughs] Not! You’re going to wash it up and stay right here. You’re going to suffer with me. How do you think relationships last 50, 40 years?” she continued. “C’mon. So if you were to do it, I’m not going to let you go. I’ll let you go when I feel I’m ready.”

She said the only real deal breaker is when a man has an outside baby with another woman. “That’s it,” she said. “That’s too much.”

You can read the whole mess here.


  1. So when your man brings home a sexual disease you are going to rot with him?
    She’s dumb as a box of sand..

  2. Latinas. Still sound better than dumb ass Cardi b tho. I saw a video online that Cardi did with Vogue?? And the white lady was like “when was the first time you felt beautiful”? This dumb bitch was like, when dis dude in school wanted to be with her….WRONG ANSWER!

    • You sound uneducated and dumb as fuc$. There’s dumb hoes in every race. Don’t come for Latinas, cuz you got MAD black women that know they man is cheating or on the DL or in jail and dem bytches stay with dem nikkas anyway. Talkin’ ’bout a good man is hard to come by” I’m a dude and I know for a fact I can tell a certain typ of bytch anything after I play her out and she will stay with me. white, black, Spanish….its a woman dependency thing, not a race thing.

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