Kanye Makes Rare Public Appearance

kanye lil uzi vert

Despite welcoming his third child about a week ago, Kanye West took a trip to NYC on Wednesday to link up with Lil Uzi Vert.

Uzi posted this picture of him and Yeezy in a clothing store, leading fans to believe they might be working on music and a fashion line together.

Are you here for it?


  1. Kanye is gone. Even when he smiles he looks depressed. He looks like such a lost soul. Out of all the women in the world the last ones he should have messed with are the kardtrashians

    • his issues predate that relationship. I dont like Kim, but his mental issues are not her fault.

    • also, he is a typical blk dude who worships white women built like black women.

      • and that’s the kardashian’s fault that he worships white women? why can’t he just like what he like. another scored black woman,

    • Kim didn’t start his mental illness but she definitively ended any possibility of lifetime recovery. His career is dead, he is stuck with her at least for the next 20 years because she’s got his minor children, he is no longer relevant, he will now rely on her financially, she’s got him by whatever gonads he has left.

      In a relationship with Kim, it’s her or the man she’s with and Kanye find out too late. Same with Courtney, and Tristan will soon find out like Lamar did. At least Lamar didn’t breed with her to solidify his destruction.

  2. who is that dirty looking lil gay dude in the background? honestly i dont want to hear shit about Kanye unless theres a beat behind it. Kanye Kardashian is washed

  3. Since getting with her, he has lost his: mother, career and now his mind. Round of applause.

      • Only he knows if those kids are his. The internet is rife with ‘allegations’ that Reggie is the daddy of at least one of them. Just saying. Hope they are all his though.

  4. Being in a relationship where one is white and the other of color does NOT end racism. BM will continue to be dominated outside the bed.

    • /\

      Say it again for the people in the back!!
      More people need to hear this. #Truth

  5. Word on the street is Kanye had a chemical labotomy during his stay at the Medical Center. His personality has been split 26 ways. Lil uzi looks like a small yellow school bus kid

  6. Whatever has happened to Kanye? I get the feeling that we will never have any ‘outbursts’ again. This Kanye screams ‘safe now’.

  7. is kanye even phukking kim they have problems now all of a sudden they decide to get a surrogate odd.
    well kanye get ready to pay up.

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