“Lord of the Rings” Star Exposes Hollywood’s Pedo Ring!

elijah wood hollywood pedophilia ring

He’s not the first actor to talk about Hollywood’s disgusting pedo ring, but when will people start taking these allegations seriously?

Elijah Wood, the star of Lord of the Rings, just dropped a bombshell on Tinsel Town’s sick industry of perverted old men who prey on young child actors.

“I’ve been led down dark paths to realize that these things are probably still happening,” – Elijah Wood

Elijah says the powers that be go to great lengths to cover up the abuse, and top Hollywood figures have been protecting these predators for years.

Thankfully for Elijah, his mother shielded him from those same predators, but he knows many young actors weren’t as lucky.

“If you’re innocent, you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed. People with parasitic interests will see you as their prey. What upsets me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power,” – Elijah Wood

Do you believe him?


  1. I'm so glad you covered this on HSK.
    I saw it a few days ago & was surprised to see he was allowed to put it out there in the manner it was done. It needs to be repeated & shared with everyone especially those folks so desparately wanting to become apart of such a heinous industry who will never care about anything other than money & perversion of every type.

  2. There are a lot of these pedophiles running around Hollywood.
    They are also in the business.
    We all have these immoral people at work.
    Parents will offer up their kids for fame and money.
    all of these people are sick and perverted.
    Satan is alive and busy in the entertainment industry

  3. they've been doing this for decades in hollyf*ckinwood, he might end up dead if he chats too much truth

  4. And YALL will continue to support Hollywood and the sick music industry.

    I don't watch TV so miss me with whatever you all are about to say.

    None of YALL support independent products of any kind.

    YALL keep these sick, racist child rapist I'm business.

    • you are right about these powerfull men and women who are wealthy are into that examples eddie long is back in the church people are saying we need to forgive. r kelly married aaliayh and had orgies with underage girls on tape and his concerts sell out everytime america is a sick and twisted that;'s people flock over here sodom and gormorrera

  5. i don't know about think it's great he's exposing them but is he willing to bare it all and say everything no he knows the deal

  6. the thing elijah if you care so much tell everything because I know you have passed around by those jewish men in the casting couch

  7. elijah are willing to give those hollywood checks up by those jewish who have molested you on the casting couch

  8. Yes, I believe it and I also believe that depending on how famous you are, how much money you have earned, who you know it Hollyweird (other fields as well), etc…, your sick, dirty, perverted deeds CAN be covered up unless you cross the wrong person. I read a blind item about the father from "Seventh Heaven" molested Jessica Biel and I also read a blind item about how Nicole Kidman's father (deceased), Celine Dion's father (deceased) and they molested kids. Celine paid off the family of the young boys and the father from "Seventh Heaven" is still moves in Hollyweird.

  9. Corey Feldman wrote a book about it
    He said on Wendy William s that the only one that did NOT approach him sexually was MJ

      • MJ was never held accountable for his own actions while alive. Black people love defending flawed famous people as long as they are black. Enough with the evil Jews none of them made him obsessed with preteen boys. Most of you need to pull off the wool off your eyes and see your heroes for who they are, an imperfect flawed and deeply troubled individuals.

  10. It is a sick world. The Brits probably are the worst and have been an inspiration to many deviants. I have not paid to watch a movie sibce 2002.

  11. I already know this story will be big news on most black gossip blogs, black people seem to like gravitating towards stories like this, don't get me wrong pedophilia is a serious issue. It is just this revelation which is not new seem to bring out conspiracy theorist and people who want to exercise their anti-Semite views. Pedophilia and Hollywood is like cornflakes and milk meaning they both go hand in hand. There is nothing shocking and Elijah career will be fine, since he did not name anyone he will continue getting work. By the way do some of you think Elijah has never been exposed to the casting couch, I mean he has been famous since he was a child.

    • miss us with the anti semite bullshit when they're the ones who control hollywood. Until these fake, zionist jews get out of power, nothing will change. Call a spade a spade!

    • I hate it when ignoramasus make generalizations about an entire group of people. Go shoot yourself dumb bitch.

  12. Well kudos to him! And kudo's to jackie for talking about this. Hollywood is a very sick menagerie that not many are really cut out for. The levels of depravity that once innocent souls are subjected to is
    really stomach churning, and the only way out of this business is death. Like the dude from no limits mentioned A&R T. Miles mentioned, (and this goes for every other part of the industry) a lot of these artist you see constantly getting drunk and high aren't doing it because they want to. They know the "things" they've done and can't deal with that shit with a sober mind. Peace and blessings out to Elijah Wood for this, however he'll now be a target for the powers that be. I just hope he's prepared…

  13. I remember when differet strokes made a episode about pedophilia and todd bridges and dana plato was being molested along with gary coleman who was also being molested everywhere you looked every week he was getting worser with his illness.

    how many near death experiences can a kid have.

    corey Feldman and corey haim was both getting raped along with the brat pack.

    no wonder jaimee foxworth from family matters becamea porn star.

    Reginald veljohnson was gay he seemed to have a crush on jaleel white.

  14. Of course he's in trouble now. He had better back track because they will start f*cking with his life in a very bad way.

  15. I believe every word he said,and I believe the others who've spoken truth!!!!!.
    These filthy degenerates get away with these crimes,because people often find this so horrifying,they don't want to believe that it's actually happening. But IT'S HAPPENING AMERICA, WAKE UP!!!!!! LET'S SAVE THESE CHILDREN AND SEVERELY PUNISH THESE FREAKS AND ANIMALS,THAT ARE FEEDING ON HUMAN BEINGS ,LIKE UNCHECKED CANNIBALS!!!!! We are quick to point the finger at crime's against humanity in other countries,yet this is happening in our backyard's. Right here in America!!! It's neither normal or acceptable. It can't be tolerated one second longer. We must cut out of our culture like the horribly malignant cancer it is. We're responsible for protecting the young and innocent,as they can't protect themselves!!!!!!!!! We must show these wealthy creatines that THEIR MONEY NO LONGER EQUALS POWER!!!!!! THAT ITS NO GOOD,NOR ACCEPTED ANYWHERE,ANYMORE,EVER AGAIN. LET The PUNISHMENT of these filthy sleaze balls fit the crime!! GO HARD ON THESE Dirt Bags SO THEY'LL UNDERSTAND THE SEVERITY OF THEIR CRIMES AND,HOW ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS WE ARE ABOUT RIDDING OUR NATION OF SUCH CANCERS. NO LONGER WILL OUR CHILDREN AND INNOCENT BE PREYED UPON NOR VOICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HEAR,WE SEE,AND WE DO EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF OUR PEOPLE,NO MATTER HOW HARD OR HOW LONG WE MUST FIGHT,NO MATTER WHO THEIR ENEMIES MAY BE. AMERICA DOES NOT STAND FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!

  16. Of course there are pedophiles in Hollyweird. The casting couch is reserved for all types of perverts, not just the hetero pervs. Corey Haim was molested by Charlie Sheen on the set of LUCAS and everyone knows it. THAT was why Haim self medicated and ultimately died. THAT is why Feldman hates Charlie Sheen. Sheen is just one of many and yes, I believe MJ was a victim and not the predator everyone made him out to be. Burn Hollywood Burn!

    • What kind of victim was MJ because you don't make any sense. Gotta love the MJ apologist. Let me guess the evil Jews conspire against him because he is a successful former black man who turned himself into a white woman. I am just illustrating the obscenity of your claim. MJ holds no responsibility in your view for his own actions.

  17. Like Feldman, they talk..but when pushed for names, incidents, etc., they run like cowards. Both used what they know as leverage and really don't care about the problem. You notice you only seen his initial comments on a few sites, but his rebuttal/backtracking "all over the internet". Few things I've been privy to: That Nick executive who created some of the biggest shows in the 90's-2000's is a known pedo and if there was an actress on that station between 11-17 around during that time, it was a 80% chance he had her. 2. Jamie Lynn Spears kid is actually a mid level Executive's son (and not her boyfriend). 3. Drinking, drugs and sex got so bad and out of control on the set of Victorious, the executives literally ended the show before someone died or went to the police.

    • I wonder if Victoria Justice was raped? She was only 17 when that Nikolodeon show was on tv.

  18. Elijah knows better than to name names because he has things in his closet he does not what the public to know about. He is rumored to be closeted gay actor and retracting might be smart on his part.

  19. See………What you do in the dark…….really,really comes out in the light………..Mark Egan…..so sad…..

  20. Notice how grown men is usually the problem. In politics, entertainment, business, everything pretty much. They should no longer rule or be the majority in every aspect of life. They have been shown and proven unfit to rule in this modern world of less marriage and more responsibilities given to women who are capable of creating, sustaining, and evolving.

    • And as soon as us women stop enabling, helping, assisting, excusing, covering and denying their bullshit, yeah, we will be capable of creating, sustaining and evolving.

      Don't hold your breath

      • I never did enable the bastards. The largest proportion of the population is single. Less and less people are getting married and following organized religion. We are already on our way. I have the blood of the Amazonian women

        • Most men are just no good for anything but most women already know that. We can vote, own property,own businesses, amongst many other things. It's not required to get married before having kids. Men are just portrayed to be more important than they really are. I don't know how often it is required for a woman to get a DNA test to know her kid is hers.lol. we always had the power to rule,to dominate and to put these disgusting men in seclusion where they belong so they can go f*ck each other since the majority of the time that is there preference. It would be a win win to remove most of them from power.

  21. Michael Egan, Corey Feldman, Todd Bridges, Dylan Farrow and Elijah Wood are not lying. There are thousands of child molesters and pedophiles in hollywood. If you want more information about how sick and satanic hollywood is, watch the documentary "An Open Secret", if you can find it. The hollwyood mafia has damn near made that documentary disappear.

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