Jazze Pha’s Wife Blasts His Trans Side Chick!

jazze pha trans side chick

It’s no secret that Jazze Pha loves the men, women, and the he-she’s. HSK has already blew the lid on his homosexual escapades, and now, he has been exposed as a trans chaser once again!

This time, Jazze’s wife, Tamme, put his indiscretions on blast! She attempted to drag his side chick, a trans who goes by the name of Felicity Noir. But her attempt to snatch Felicity’s wig backfired…big time!

First, Tamme posted a photo of Felicity pre- and post-plastic surgery with the caption “Man or woman.”

When Felicity saw the post, she went OFF!

jazze pha trans side chick

She even recorded a video asking Tamme “how do I taste?” Eww…


Jazze’s a nasty fool for this one.


  1. ?Sasaha R…
    Girl, say it's not so….Jazze Pha doesn't have a WIFE anywhere, does he?
    I've shown this article to two of my coworkers who deal with certain MAC Studio events. I asked was this the same dude who was best buds with Missy Elliott. OMG…did I get loud laughs, pictures shown & an earful of details. As it turns out we've seen this dude on more than one occasion & while I knew he was a popular producer I ALWAYS questioned the "people I've seen around him including Jermaine Dupri." Missy doesn't count…we knew about her forever ago. My thing is …Jazzy Pha has a wife??? She must be very open minded, blind or just plain stupid.

  2. Hold on a second here. I actually just saw the video Sasha included.
    Hold up…Mrs. Jazze Pha need take herself a nice drive to where ever that trick lives, works, eat, hang out and beat his ass until she's tired, drink a Pepsi and commence to beating his as some more. It really was one thing to read it but the shit got real at least for me when you see it on video with all the tone and attitude that came with those words. And…to be 100 about this shit she should have some men whoop that trick's ass. After-all…he's a man at the end of every damn day anyway. I can't believe that nigga would get on a video to discuss being involved with a woman's husband like that as if he has the right to do so. Baby please believe….

    THEN…after that little matter was handled I'd quietly start making that extremely sweet Ethylene Glycol laced summertime lemonade and kool-aids and keep a study supply of those special homemade pies using Madea's recipe on hand. Bet no more tricks would be calling or making any more damn videos after that!

      • Sasha R & So Cal Soul,

        I actually agree with BOTH of you on this one.
        Sasha is 100% right…Mrs. Pha should have said nothing to that man her husband has been paying to have sex with.

        Likewise, while I'm not exactly with the whole ass-beating part of So Cal's resolution I firmly believe her "special homemade pies & laced lemonade & Kool Aid" should have long been implemented by Mrs. Pha. Clearly she hasn't started the process but its not too late….she just needs to make sure those insurance policies are in order & paid up to date.

        Next Jazze Pha HSK article title will be:
        Music Producer Jazze Pha…DEAD from unknown medical condition?

    • To So Cal……….Since they are in Atlanta…….shouldn"t she have a Coke after the a$$ whooping…..IJS

  3. jazze pha used to hang around cash money what you expect and birdman wants us to respect his name tell j prince that.

  4. tat pic of jazzy phag is wrong he looks like a gay spawn of grimace and hamburgler.

  5. I got one better! How do The Barclay's feel after supporting and putting Jazze thru college on the behalf of his late dad? Sasha R. did U know that? Yes ma'am the same band that Sam Coom put together, I mean the new members now, put Jazze Pha thru college and this how U repay them?

    • DR1… you totally lost me & I have questions.
      You said The Barclay's but you mean that group we listened to growing up called "The Bar-Kays?" And…my next question because I'm putting two & two together based on what you said…was the bass player James Alexander Jazze Pha's father??? ??? Do you know the details of that story??? I'm asking because it's one that has ties to a few of my dad's friends & I recall hearing it discussed many times as a kid.

      If The Bar-Kays is who you're speaking of…OMG, do you know first off that queer-ass fool was named after Phalon Jones who played sax with the group BEFORE I was born & he was really tight with James Alexander. He knew a few of the guys who worked with my dad at LAFD. They would do shows in LA that my parents said they never missed & even traveled to see them a few times. Talk about a shocker…girl, nah ahh. Jazze Pha comes from THAT background & carries on the way he does???

      Oh hell yeah, I'm with you…I'm curious to know exactly how the current members feel about him & his behavior now. I'd also like to know why he hasn't already done production work for them to help pull them & their music in current music relevancy.

      ??? umm, umm, ummm….damn!

      • Yes, The Bar-Kays , Otis Redding's Backup band. Yes, The late James Alexander is Jazze Phae's dad. Yes, he was name after Phalon Jones. And Yea, they paid Jazze's way thru college. The entire Bar-Kays Band! And hell no it didn't do a damn thing to help put a benefit or nothing together! And this how U repay them! ? Jazze need his big fat flat ass beat the f*ck down!

        • Typo: The late Phalon Jones, not The late James Alexander. Jazze's dad is still alive.

      • Shit they done tried to reach out to Jazze Pha and as U can see, I haven't heard none of Jazze's work being put out since Ciara! And we all know when Jazze put something out, he will make an announcement. This is what our very own legacy will do to U! Perfect example! He was lead by example but failed to process to lead for example.

  6. Down low bi and gay men like trans for the anal sex and most trans are very insecure and needy they give down low men lots of sex cause they want to be accepted as a biological woman. I know all about it, knew a man who had dated a trans for a long time but he dumped the trans for a bio chick. Trans is still out there getting lots of plastic surgery trying to get a male to marry her as a real woman.

  7. Hmmmm…….this is all so disturbing. The wife must be with Jazze for the money. That woman surely knows her husband is a fruit loop.

  8. I heard about his nasty flabby ass a long time ago. Shiet.. peep the blazer with pink daisies. A suit made for girly men and boys.

  9. Well you know that you can't tell some of these transgender individuals sh^t. Them lace fronts, bundles of hair, Mac makeup, and Cosmetic procedures ( fake azzes & tits) among other thangs got them feeling themselves ..lol I sure hope that his wife had sense enough to file for divorce asap, because the kind of man who would be on the down low screwing and messing around with other men while married to a woman clearly isn't the type that a heterosexual woman should be married to or sleeping with period..

  10. Maaan, this is some real live bullshit! side chicks used to be somewhat embarrassed if called out back in the day..Smdh…but these f*cking trannies tho…too f*cking messy! thats why so many of them get f*cking murked! Shim shoulda kept his mouth closed..Even if the wife called shim out.
    .I agree Jazze Pha's budget wasn't up to par because he could have gotten a better lookin shim than that, big ole maytag refrigerator box shaped wannabe woman!

    • pimpgame, If you don't quit!
      You killing me….I ain't no more good now…LMAO
      ?"Big ole Maytag refrigerator box shaped wannabe woman."?
      This is epic & you're too damn funny!!!???

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