Loni Love: Black Women Can’t Get Married Because Black Men Are in Jail

loni love black men women dating jail

Ruh-roh. Did Loni Love just stick her foot in her mouth with this one? The Real co-host said the real reason why black women aren’t getting married is because there’s a shortage of men, and a lot of the available ones in the projects are locked up.

Peep the video:


Wait – is she saying all black people live in the projects?!

Do you agree with her?


  1. Not a fan, but that is hardly what she is saying.

    What she is saying is those who live in the hood are harassed more and are more likely to be arrested causing a shortage of available men in those areas.

    • So what’s the excuse for unmarried black women who don’t live in the hood?? She’s singling out one sector of people and sounds dumb.

      • What the fuck do I care?

        She is talking about a specific group and I just interpreted what she is saying about that group asshole.

        If you care about that YOU come up with the answer.

  2. all blk men are not in jail. coons love feeding the white media bs. plenty of my black female friends are married to black successful men.

  3. For those who want to get all up in arms about a comment…why don’t you fucking do something to become part of the solution instead of feeding into BS.

    • Chill will the black queens shit when you are talking out of your ass trying to denigrate black women.

      And if men are killing each other over women, that would be their OWN fault. Men in general need to stop thinking with their dick.

        • I believe it and it’s true.. bitches in the hood love drama and love watches stupid Niggaz do dumb things.. Niggaz only act like that cause that’s the type of shit these stupid bitches want… real educated good black men don’t get pussy that easy.. they gotta work hard for sone stupid bitch while a nigga that just gut out of jail is like daddy material for these dumb bitches… what other race of women love them thugs but black women. Only bitches that don’t wasn’t to submit to a real black man whose educated n with a job ready to lead his family…. that’s why our generation of bitvhes are do fucked up n they raising these simp Niggaz that don’t do shit but thirst over done stank rotten hood pussy that every nigga on the block fucked.

      • Young blacks are killed by dozens, by non black serial killers, those are soon forgotten when creeps need to TRY to disrupt strong black moms. sthu

    • LMAO @ you typing BLACK QUEENS while slamming black women. You definitely are bitter towards black women and it sounds like one put you in the klink.

  4. does loni even like men she look like a stud.

    but truth a lot of these black women are high priced escorts no wonder sanaa and taraji never married and they’re past 40.


  5. #BlackQueenswiththeEveGene. Black women only. White women need NOT apply.

    Retaliation in 5, 4, 3,…

  6. The soldiers are locked up and BW didn’t put them there! There is a shortage of BM for BW to even ‘date’ let alone marry. And with a felony, who is gonna support the marriage family? It’s a system designed to tear apart the black family. Why even consider marriage??

    • These stupid MFs don’t understand that, they still act like we are all on a level playing field.

      And as long as they got theirs could give a fuck about those left in the struggle.

    • How come white and arab rulers are able to control and clown us blacks from times of slavery to modern times…I thought we wuz kangz. Its like are we are just born to be subjagated

        • What, Blacks were not enslaved by whites and arabs? Tell me more anon, you are in line for a Nobel prize for this discovery!

  7. Uh, she embarrasses the black community on that show on a daily basis. This probably isn’t the worst thing she’s done. Her and Sheryl Underwood.

    • Another black bitch ready to put black men on blast on tv cause Mr Whittey gave her n avenue to preach ignorance n coonery disguess as comedy. Dave Chappell told us about the koon shit in the industry… bitches n Niggaz tap dancing for mr whittey laughs. How many white female comedians talk about white men on tv? Black women have destroyed more black men in the past 20 years than police.. police shootings are random but these dumb bitches put more Niggaz in prison or got more Niggaz killed than ever… Niggaz kill each other every year over stank rotten pussy than police shootings.. statistical fact.

      • Neither one of you douche bags have a clue, just spouting BS because of your own hate for yourselves…smfh.

        She said nothing to put anyone on blast unlike real coons like Charles Barkley and Rickey Smiley. What she was trying to do is point out the inequitable amount of black men who are put in prison…you fucking morons.

  8. Black “Men” was is a rare term that I use to describe them….Majority of them don’t want to get married. Their looking for a women to use and take care of them. A lot of you naive,desperate black women are still defending their actions when they talk,treat and all around play you like dogs. They have absolutely no respect for women period no matter the color but particularly Black Women and this coming from a black women.

  9. She is wrong, a lot of Black Men see no value in Black women. Some are entitled, greedy, money hungry, not willing to build, not submissive, non cooperative, don’t support, we just want sex from a lot of them. My life isn’t enhanced with a weave wearing bird that has no accountability for their ratchet actions.

    • Stop spouting the same BS under different handles.

      Nothing she said was a downgrade, she was pointing out facts about the unfair incarceration of our men dumbass.

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