LisaRaye’s Talkin’ Hair Biz As ‘Single Ladies’ Goes Bust!


HSK Exclusive – LisaRaye is keeping her ‘Single Ladies’ fingers crossed, hoping a petition addressing VH1’s president will save the show. But if all else fails.. ‘The Real McCoy’ will fall back on hustlin’ her hair brand… more importantly, SPONSORS of ‘Team Lisa Raye’.

The former First Lady of Turks and Caicos has launch ‘LisaRaye Hair’… peddling various hair packages, lace front wigs and a flat iron, priced from $90.00 to $175.00. But Ms. McCoy’s REAL hustle appears to lie in the ‘Join Team Lisa Raye’ portion of her hair website.

“Everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy hair, but can’t necessarily afford to go to the salon every week. Well.. my flat iron solves that problem.” ~LisaRaye

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Here’s the March 1, 2014 open letter to VH1 President Tom Calderone, featured on the petition to ‘Save Single Ladies’:

“In May 2011 when Single Ladies first aired on VH1, I admit to being a bit skeptical. First, I never watch VH1 and because I am really a crime drama/true investigation kind of television person, yet I was taken.

Stacy Littlejohn really did a great job of creating this show and I found the storyline to be quite interesting. Stacy Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea and the cast really made me enjoy Monday evenings at 9pm.

Season two found me in thirst, as I was happy to finally see the show’s return. Denise Vasi came in and though I missed Stacy, she brought her own spice to the show. I liked that, plus the added new storyline was intriguing. D.B. Woodside did what he does best and so beautifully. It was welcoming to see the build out of the “Ladies” individual lives beyond their sisterly hangouts.

Then came season three after a VERY long wait but I wasn’t disappointed. My hunger found food in each episode, the plot thickens way beyond fashion. Currently, I’m enjoying how Harold House Moore and Travis Winfrey’s characters are episodically expanding and would love to see more unfold.

Mr. Calderone, I ask you to truly reconsider your decision of canceling Single Ladies. You’re making a huge mistake! This was the only show that got me to watch VH1 and I’m sure many other fans out there can agree.


Thank you

M.Nicholas – A dedicated Fan”



    • ….and PLEASE STOP putting $$$$$ into ASIAN Pockets, who have a monopoly on Hair Extensions, Weaves, etc., and DO NOT LIKE YOU. (Only your money)

    • Women who wear weaves usually like when our haters have to remain subservient and loyal. women appreciiate the Asians investing generations of their families livelihood&wealth into ensuring our Beauty needs are met! Every weave is a part of an economic cycle that diminishes poverty & burden in the society supplying us with tools to enhance/maintain& improve our natural beauty. White ppl were definitely not about to!!!!Thank the Asians for supplying us with the tools we demand to showcase our beauty & stop niggering them by demanding we should now control the industry that they did us the favor of creating to cater to our beauty needs! #peaceloveandhairgrease

    • You can’t stop these foolish hags from giving up their weaves. My auntie cancelled a Thanksgiving dinner because she couldn’t get her weave done on time, and was too trifling to set aside an hour to wash, press and curl her regular hair.

  1. Why would I give anyone who already has a job (being an act) a single penny of my hard earned money?

  2. This fraud is selling exactly what she is: a fraudulence.

    Damn lisa raye, I guess that MI6 money done run out. You and that idiot PM sold Caicos back into the hands of the British and obviously for a pittance.

    Worthless whore.

  3. Sit your non educated ass down somewhere! Up here trying to be an expert on hair and hair products! Making me and the rest of colleagues look bad in the cosmetology and barber fields!

        • DaR1:

          Good am! Got any good scriptures this morning? I need a distraction from this man’s photos I’ve been looking at. I just found out what his name is after drooling and lusting over him since last year. (Louis Allen III)

          Thanks! Lol

          • Hi Bella! I am at my son’s doctor’s appointment Just as soon I get home, I have a good bit. For now read Psalms Chapter 40 all the versuses.

            • Will do, thank you. And I hope he has a good Dr’s appointment. We’re going to get him some money, not just for college, but for his immediate future. God willing!

            • This!!!

              Psalm 40:14

              May all who want to take my life be put to shame and confusion; may all who desire my ruin be turned back in disgrace.

              Thank you for the good word, DaR1!

  4. LisaRaye’s natural hair is long, so it makes me laugh when people come with PSAs about women wearing weaves. She wore a short weave on Single Ladies, which is a nice change for her. I know women with naturally long hair that they could practically sit on who wear short weaves. Nothing wrong with it.

      • I know she wears weaves — and wigs. Jose Feliciano can see that. She also has long hair underneath the weave. She showed some of her length on her reality show.

  5. Why everybody want fake hair. Another piece of life I don’t understand and probably never will.

  6. I hope she knows how to sow that hair in as well to make some money because her acting talent is gonna fail her everytime,that show is crap that’s why they had low ratings duh!

  7. I hope it’s not human hair. FYI human hair comes from humans usually women and little girls from impoverished situations. Vanity is ugly and expensive. I hope she isn’t a child hair pusher that show impacted my opinion of her enough It was one of the worst TV shows I’ve ever seen.

  8. Lisa Raye is alright with me. A girl has got to eat. And as long as you have ugly bitches who want to be pretty and think fake hair is it, well you’ll have ppl pushing it. As far as her acting goes: she can’t act for shit, but again she is alright with me.

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