L.A. Reid To Cash Out W/ Michael Jackson’s Cryptic Lyrics Of Child Molestation


LA Reid Robbing Michael Jackson

“Xscape comprises of a collection of tracks recorded before the singer’s death and ‘contemporised’ by Epic Records boss L.A. Reid and a team of producers, including Timbaland.”

It’s looking like L.A. Reid has just stooped to an EPIC low. Know why? Because, out of “four-decades worth of material” by Michael Jackson, Reid — who’s been revealed as being granted “unlimited access” to Michael Jackson’s private “material” — chose to lead a posthumous MJ album with a track that could bring the darkest period of The King of Pop’s life back into the limelight.

“We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world.” ~L.A. Reid

That would be MJ’s infamous 2005 trial that ended in with then-dubbed “Wacko Jacko” found ‘not guilty on all counts’ of child sex abuse. Today, the MJ’s “leaked lyrics of child abuse” are suspected to have been recorded by Michael, “in a private response to the claims made against him”.

“The new song, entitled Do You Know Where Your Children Are, tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who runs away from her abusive stepfather and turns to prostitution.”

In the track, Jackson sings:

“She wrote that she is tired of step-daddy using her/Saying that he’ll buy her things, while sexually abusing her… Do you know where your children are? Because it’s now twelve o’clock/If they’re somewhere out on the street just imagine how scared they are… Save me (from this living hell) Save me (cause I don’t wanna know).”

Here’s what L.A. Reid had to say to the press:

“Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with.”

Is the album slated to be released on or about the reported date that marks the time when MJ first met the alleged victim at the center of his 2005 trial? I’d tell you to ask $20-million dollar man, Evan Chandler… but he committed suicide back in 2009, five-months after MJ checked out. Just ask Rodney Jerkins.


  1. RIP .. ppl are so greedy. Stop dragging this mans corpse, stop with the profiting .. its not enough to drug him to death..

  2. Wasn’t the kid who accused Michael that killed himself, it was his Pops, his father. Get your facts right Jacky.

  3. There will be several posthumous releases from MJ because his estate signed a record deal to release new music subsequent to his death.This is no surprise at all.

  4. “New” music from Mike is not the same since he is not here. I have always seen Mike as being here, so it is not the same. I guess the powers that be think that they can kill him and keep getting paid off of his material and legacy.

  5. I’m not saying I believe in the Illuminati and secret societies, but that album cover looks really mysterious. He’s coming out of lights black glittery space and his head is this white illuminated thing around a disk. I know it sounds weird but it just makes you think

    • Do you think that maybe they WANT you to think eerie creepy scary conspiratorial thoughts?? I do. It will serve to keep the interest level up.

      That’s showbiz.

      • The album cover also says “Save me from this living Hell.” That sums it up right there. The music biz became a living hell for many and it continues to this day.

  6. Two thing that they will always do to Michael and that is vilify him and exploit him for money he contributed his life to music and all they want to to is exploit that rip mic

  7. Hate What And How The Label Treated him but that was another President then. But cant wait for the Album.. Love Timbaland as a producer!

    • Michael hated the company, with or without Mottola in. Get your facts! This album is so disgusting like any other they released and will do! Timberland is an asshole who trashed Michael and now he dares to destroy Michael music!

  8. When has someones death ever stopped those running the industry from releasing music if they stood to profit from it..ijs.. It could be viewed as insensitive to his family (unless they too are in on it) but it does happen.(not saying its right)



  10. Now look how others trash Michael and nobody defends him! Sick ba$tard$!!!

    Michael fired John Branca for something and wanted to be out of Sony for something!!!

  11. MJ is undoubtedly the king. Anytime i listen his tracks i feel like he is still alive. Definitely one of the most significant music stars ever!


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