Lil Wayne Suspect in BET Awards After-Party Assault

lil wayne bet assault

Lil Wayne is being accused of assaulting a man at his BET Awards after-party.

According to the LAPD, the man was working at Hyde nightclub on Sunday night where Weezy and 2 Chainz were hosting their after-party. Things got heated when members of Weezy’s crew weren’t allowed inside.

That’s when Weezy and the doorman started arguing about who was getting in, and the doorman says Wayne punched him in the face!

He went to the hospital for treatment, and law enforcement wants to speak to the rapper, but his camp is already denying the claims.

Weezy’s crew tells a different story. They say the man worked in Weezy’s VIP section all night, and there was a small altercation when the doorman mistakenly grabbed Wayne by the arm because he didn’t realize who he was.

Who do you believe?

The injuries to the man’s face are said to be minor, but the rapper is still facing a misdemeanor battery charge.


  1. If Lil Wayne lives long enough to see the year 2020, I will be absolutely shocked!

  2. I'd like to see the following : a boxing ring in which fights between these rappers and all the people they messed with…What a way of wiping out these illuminati owned rappers once and for all…

  3. People don't realize how many people try these rappers, especially in their scenes. They don't look for drama, but they don't run either.

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