Lil Wayne Wages War Against Vivid, Fights To Hold Down Sex Tape

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Release

“The video allegedly shows Weezy in nothing but his socks, while two “more-than-accommodating women” do all the work.”

If Tuneuchi had his way, he would be through with the Cash Money Bros. Here’s the problem: with Weezy’s sex tape confirmed to now be out there, and on the bidding block, insiders say he’s left with no choice but to stay on deck with Baby and Co. Know why? The top dawg attorney for Cash Money Records, Ron Sweeney, is halting release attempts to put the sex tape out there with cease and desist letters addressed to the likes of Vivid Entertainment … Just ask Steven Hirsch.

“If Lil Wayne was a real rock star he would let the tape leak. But he doesn’t want it out because he don’t want ya’ll to see how nasty his ass really is.”

What’s out There:

“Somebody is shopping around a sex tape of a sock-clad Weezy and two women. Weezy didn’t know he was being filmed, and that if any porn company buys and releases the tape, “we’ll sue the hell out of them.”


  1. You f*ckin’guys are hilarious and honest! Tunechi is DIRRRRRRRTY AS hell, plus the night look like he not only needs a BLEACH BATH, HE NEEDS TO BE SCRUBBED WITH THE STRONGEST SOAP POSSIBLE FOR 100 HOURS

    • Fore real y’all bitches need to shut the fuck up I bet y’all faces look like a damn hippos ass

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