Lil Wayne Mother’s Slum Properties Revealed


HSK Exclusive – Lil Wayne’s mother, Jacida “Carter” Goff, bought a house in New Orleans, November 2013, for $10. She now rents it out at quite a mark-up..

An insider is saying Wezzy’s mother and her husband, Avery Goff, are not only slum lords; they’re also exploiting poor blacks in their community.

Here’s what an insider sent in to HSK:

“Jacida Carter Goff, or better known publicly as Lil Wayne’s mom, has rental property in New Orleans that looks more like a junkyard than a house. Although Mama Carter, herself lives in the Toney, gated golfing-community of Eastover (same community where Lil Wayne, Baby, Aaron Neville, and other famous musicians have lived).

Mrs. Carter-Goff (a recent newlywed) has rental property in the suburb of New Orleans East, with broken down and abandoned cars on cinder blocks next to the slum she rents!

(See pics) Property records indicate that Mrs. Carter, along with her new ‘hus-boo’, purchased the property in November 2013 for a staggering . . . . .(drum roll please) . . . . .$10. Yep, Mama Carter and her husband, Avery, purchased the property for $10.

No wonder the house looks like a junkyard, they only bought it for the price of fast-food combo meal! C’mon Mrs. Jacida, you can do better than that! Oh well, you can take the person out of Hollygrove, but you can’t take Hollygrove out of the person . . . . .”







  1. Im not sure I understand this story. She bought a house for ten dollars. Um..that house looks pretty damn good for ten dollars…is that even possible to buy a house for ten dollars

    • That’s what I was thinking. I see the junk and the trash on the grass but what does one expect for a $10 house? I can’t read the small print but how much are they charging for rent?

  2. Black people have to raise our standard of living so we won’t fall prey to slumlords. Affordable housing doesn’t mean you have to live like slum

    • If that’s a slum, then what the hell would you call the horrible ancient projects in N.O. where they actually lived at one time? That house doesn’t look like a slum to me. Maybe it could use a good spruce up, but there is potential there that a couple hundred bucks and a few hours of yard work could fix.
      There are tons of abandoned houses there for the taking in the flood areas. Nobody wants them because of the fear of it happening again. But I guess people will rent them since that involves no investment or upkeep for the renter.
      The bargain basement for good homes at rock bottom prices now is in Detroit. I could not believe the beautiful old grand homes which were built by auto industry executives in the 30s and 40s which are now practically given away! I mean, they have gorgeous wood work, ballrooms and giant formal gardens(in disrepair) and they’re being snapped up by white hipsters with computer based jobs who can live anywhere and work out of their homes. Homes that if they were outside the city limits would be 1 million+ are selling for under 200K. And if you can do without the ballroom and pool, you can get a fine looking brick 4br Colonial for 135K.

      • Its not just New Orleans or this post but Blacks in general. We have to stop living in sub=standard housing. I took my cousin to court cause she sued her landlord. She was living in some raggedy apts built in the 50s & she could’ve done better. Trust me. We have to up our standards and the only ones to do that is us

      • Yes wish that I had gone to Detroit a few yrs ago when i had the means and bought up some of them cheap homes..Many not in too bad condition bat all.I hear Detroit is making a comeback..

  3. Better yet.. folks need to take care of where they live. Keep it clean. Stop tearing shit up. Trim the lawn, plant a flower or two. Just because you don’t own it, doesn’t mean run it into the ground. Take pride in your surroundings. I have friends who have rehabed a house to rent and the renter’s tore they shit up. For no reason at all. Do Better!

    • THANK YOU THANK YOU …..all I see is neglect on the outside so where is the story , the renters obviously do not care, I have several properties and I can tell you it has cost me more than I have made, I also got great deals and gave the houses a total rehab BUT of course I had to dish out way more when the renters left and a few were family members…I do not know what it is about renters and why they take NO PRIDE in where they live

  4. It looks better than I thought it would. It is fairly decent. I expected less from a woman like her.. When Lil Wayne said she told him to come by when he got a tat so she could get one too.. I was through. Stop trying to stay up with your kids. She should’ve been telling him to stop getting tats.. all over his face and body, shit looks a mess and it ain’t hot.

    • Truth spoken. We don’t care about our surroundings. We have a slaves quarters mentality. We live in neighborhoods with georgeous VALUABLE old homes but we trash out the neighborhoods then whine & complain about not having anything but liquor stores

      • I agree. I was watching an episode of The First 48 and I was amazed by the beautiful old homes in an are that was described as “the hood.” It was extremely genteel and I know those homes were built and paid for by elders who worked hard and cared deeply about their properties. Unfortunately, the younger generation who now live there have let it go
        due to issues such as drug addiction. I’m not looking down on those with an illness, because I’ve been there, but it just saddens me to see people letting their property values drop so much because they aren’t keeping the neighborhood up. I don’t have any idea what the answer is though.

  5. Sounds like somebody hate’n on a playa. I want to but a house that looks like that for 10 bucks! Hook me up!!!

  6. The car on blocks looks like it may belong to the renter. The trash in the yard is something the renter should be taking care of. Take pride in where u live, even if u are just renting. Not once did the write up state that the plumbing is bad, or that the roof is caving in, or that the foundation is off. So, in that respect, I assume the house is ok. Sounds like the renter needs to clean things up around the outside of the home. Other than that, what’s the problem?

    • Yep that is my thought as well – the renter is the one with the disabled vehicle – it doesn’t belong to her.

    • co-sign! and the truck looks as if it is in the other yard. The fence is the property divider

  7. Uhm I’m more concerned as to why the hell does Lil Wayne’s MOTHER look like his so called “FATHER” birdman with a $10 wig on? Can somebody please explain?

  8. The purpose of doing a blind item on something that you already did a story on was what?

  9. the irony is if lil wayne wasn’t making them big ass cheque’s, his family would be living in one those type of homes. lil wayne is running out of money, they might have to live there

    • Or maybe they will all have to move in together and sell the other mansion. I hope Weezy gets what is owed to him by Baby. It’s HIS money and he should have it.

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