Keyshia Cole Cheated On Bobbie With African Sponsor!

Keyshia Cole African Trick

Keyshia Cole’s home girl hopped on instagram to reveal that, the “I Should Have Cheated” lyricist had an Nigerian, sponsor while she was married to Bobbie Gibson.

A source added that, the singer/reality star’s Nigerian, sponsor lives in Houston, Texas; he spent the evening with Keyshia “more than half a dozen times.”


  1. Im not quik to believe some so called friend of hers then. Why so bitter now..did Keyshia piss her off and now she is scorned making up stuff…its not like Keyshia is hurting for money…I leaning towards this is some bs

  2. THIS is a lesson for all of us…

    “Everything you do needn’t be discussed with others. Your private life should ALWAYS remain private in an effort to completely avoid situations like ^^THIS^^.”

      • I can’t understand why people tell ANY of their business on social media. Ain’t nobodies business if I have a dog, where I live, and what I like on my mashed potatoes. The granular level of information people share out here is just crazy. This is the Jerry Springer, Oprah, Maury generation where they think telling everything they know makes them look bold and fierce to strangers. LOL. My mother used to whoop our asses about talking too much as kids and that less stuck with me. I tell my secrets to God and Him alone. lol.

  3. Keyshia is a miserable and trifling broad who gets no respect. I watched some of that reality show of hers on bet and she treats her own family like carp. I feel sorry for her son to have a horrible mother like that.

    • Are you really qualified to call Keyshia a horrible mother? Cause I don’t think she is and I can’t stand the chick. I think she’s an all around asshole but I think she’s good to her child. Just because you don’t like the woman is no reason to make up shit about her as a mother.

  4. Typo I meant to say she treats her family like crap and gets no sympathy. She has such a nasty attitude and a chip on her shoulder. She needs a intervention and exposing her family business on reality tv is not the way to do it. Seek professional help.

  5. I don’t know if this is true or not, but even if it were, i wouldn’t be surprised. they aren’t taking all those trips to dubai for the sights.

  6. Keisha’s real… and an Oaktown girl. They don’t care what people think. Girl’s like Keish, from the hood, they’ll holler all out in the street, so why not get paid to do it.

    • I agree. Call me what you want, but there is no violence, body excrements involved and if I wasattracted to the person, I would also f*ck for 12gs

      • 25K to 50K a night IS the D List celeb going rate in the Emirates. A List celebrity escort supreme(rumored to fetch more than even Kim K) Dita Von Teese demands and gets a cool million per engagement. But, she is a highly trained expert in all ways of the courtesan. It’s said that after her weekends with the sheiks and kings their only words are “when can I book you again?”
        fun fact: she was briefly Mrs. Marilyn Manson 10 years ago.

        • Well supposedly Kim is higher paid than Dita and allaum, but that Yhiyhi Zang that Chinese actress who was in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha , she was getting a million per. Apparently she was so sublime she got engaged to a jooish billionaire, but then he dumped her. broke that she was escorting it destroyed her career because China is more conservative than here. But yes a lot of.actresses and.models are secretly whores. That’s been going on forever.

          • Ziyi Zhang, I mean. She’s the hooker who ruined her acting career by escorting

          • If K00Nye had to take 30 showers after dating Amber Rose, the mofo must be scrubbing himself with bleach everyday after Kimmycakes whoring. Yikes.

  7. Well it is clear that you hate black women. By evening bringing that clown’s name up.

    • Don’t yah know by now Superior is here for attention he/she needs to mention certain key words to get a response otherwise it’s boring here for the SUPERIOR …..I laugh at the elementary foolishness and keep it scrolling lol

      • I say we all just ignore that damn troll. They have nothing to add. It’s always just a stupid one sentence rant against black women. Cleary it needs attention so just ignore it.

  8. No denial equals guilty. Wat happened to that new server hsk u lied about in January? Site kicks u out five times before allowing a post.

    • Nah some believe the myth that African men have big mandigos and are rich but that is true for SOME not all just as American men .Many women also get Nigerian men for sexual escapades and husbands because most Africans are charming ,persuasive,poetic and very intelligent with a lovely dialect.They are very resourceful people with a culture of different tribes.I know women personally who are going through hoops and red tape worth of documents to invite African men to the country to become citizens(their husband)without really knowing them well but hey whatever brings e’m joy.

      • That’s a kinda stupid thing to do. No offense to your friends but Africans are not like us. We are a different culture and a different people. Once they get over here , you are stuck. Id think they would be better off finding husbands that weren’t trying to use them to circumvent Unites States Immigration, but that’s me.

    • A self hating negro who enjoys putting down black women and spreading stereotypes and generalizations about black women. he seems to enjoy putting no black (white) women on a pedestal,as if many of them aren’t as bad if not worse than the black women that he describes. A CLOWN

  9. I thought Keysha Cole was wrong for not acknowledging her sister last Nefe when she came to her show to see her. I don’t care what issues you have if your sibling come to see you you should at least acknowledge them. Keysha walked around the car 10 times just so she didn’t have to speak to Nefe…..childish

    • She did tell her manager that she did not want to see Nefe. She wanted to see her mother only. I think that she has love for her family /most anyway but can’t deal with their never ending drama and issues.Frankie is back ion drugs and still drinking like a fish,but that’s her mom and she’s more open to trying to make things work with her right now than Nefe.I honestly stopped watching their last show so I don’t know exactly what Nefe did to get cut off, but if someone says that they don’t want to see you right now you should probably stay your azz home.Frankie might want them to work it out but Keyshia obviously isn’t ready. By the way I do believe that Keyshia Cole has an attitude..She gives off those vibes sometimes, but with a child now and trying to get career back on track she doesn’t want or need the extra bs ,and that I can relate to. Some people you have to love from afar because dealing with them requires too much energy.

    • I won’t judge keish because I don’t know what Nefee may have done to cause the two to be estranged. I have a sister that I don’t speak to. I actually applaud keisha for doing this early in her life, some people only work to sabotage your life and leave you torn up in shreds. My new motto: Don’t hesitate to cut some people out of your life that are no good for you and always seem to hurt. Whether they are close friends, relative’s, loved one’s. If they cared about the relationship then it wouldn’t even be an issue.

  10. These African sponsors must only go for semi famous reality stars, singers, actors etc….
    Sure wish my ass could run up on one. Just long enough to pay off mortgage, car note and cc bills. HERE I B, here I b.

    • It’s bot normal sex. Arabs and Africans have filthy violent sexual cravings. They think of Americans as diposable and loose and do to them what they won’t do to their own women. If you want to turn tricks for a mortgage payment, I suggest you start closer to home.

  11. Is one of her friends/family putting that rumor of an affair with an African out there as payback for something or is this true? It seems that hooking up with some wealthy dude form another country is a thing that many of these singers/rappers.actresses do in between gigs and albums. Is that a trend?Get a sponsor to support their lifestyle?

  12. Keysha is hypocrite she split up with Boobie because he was cheating, and now we hear the fact that sex sucking another man’s dick while she was married women really??? one dick is better than 2!!

  13. Maybe she started f*cking Mandingo AFTER daniel smashed that chick in their house in their bed *shrugs shoulders* who knows; see this is why you don’t tell bitches your business if this chick really is her home girl then she needs her ass smacked I mean damn where is your loyalty? Never know this bitch was probably jealous of Kish and wanted her man smh usually when so called friends are messy like this that is usually the case.

  14. Guys, I’m really embarrassed for my people and ever so disappointed with all the baby mother & baby father drama playing out in the media. So ridiculous and extremely inconsiderate of their children who will grow to read all of what’s put out, wouldn’t be any denying either, since all who know them will know their mother and fathers business too. So sad that it’s extremely prominent within black culture.

    • Get over it. If that’s not the way you and your family live, what is there to be ashamed and embarrasses about? Armenians aren’t crying over the antics of the kartel of highly trained sluts that are the Kartrashcans.

  15. Fun fact? Was it some secret that Dita was married to Marilyn Manson? I thought everyone knew that. Next you’ll be fun facting that 2+2 =4. LOL And considering his name isnt Marilyn Manson, she was never Ms. Marilyn Manson. And just how do you know what wealthy Arabs are saying about Dita or anyone else? You sound like a damn fool.

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