Erica Mena Does Playboy

    Erica Mena Playboy Shoot

    HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena jumped on social media to post recent pictures from her Playboy photo shoot.

    Sources are saying that, the Love and Hip Hop New York reality star is using her fiance’s Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, connections to climb the ladder.

    The drop:

    “Erica is moving up. She used to mess around with raggedy bisexual chicks. Since she moved out to Hollywood, with Bow Wow. She’s now messing with girls from the Playboy mansion.”

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    1. So all you have to do now adays is act like a sick whore and you become famous…

      • Right! These “black” blogs will hype these whores to the utmost. All they have to do is lay up with some z-list loser like bow wow and/or have some sort of hint of a tint to their skin and their in! Black America created Amber Rose, the WHOLE Katrashian Klan, SuperHead, this whore here and a thousand other ones. Yet, they’re quick to tell you the’re not black and to boot there is much evidence that they don’t even like black folks. But you can’t click an urban blog without seeing one of these hoes featured. SMH. Do better in 2015 black folks. Time to wake up.

    2. I never heard of this girl before until I heard she was some whore on Love n Hiphop and she was marrying Bow wow.

        • Fuck off bitch with yo stanks musty nappy pubes.say what you like but this puerto rican’s beauty is undeniable.she may not be perfect but who is? Certainly not you because if you were you wouldnt need to put down others to make yourself feel better about yourself.mena is still a badder bitch than you on your best day, on her worse day.bitchhhhhhh

    3. Bow wow don’t do it mane I’m tell’en you, but if this is a publicity stunt?ok well you already know, but if your really thinking of marrying this trick you crazy

    4. Bow isn’t rich. If he and Erica can make some Kim K. money then more power to them. The only problem for me is that after protecting her son from her mess all these years she’s now throwing him into the mix. He seems like a really nice sensitive boy. Erica please don’t involve him in the drama, don’t let him know how his mom behaves. I wish that you had left him anonymous. Now his friends my bully him because of your behavior and reputation.

    5. Back in the day it was shocking to her a celebrity pose for pose for playboy and they were far and few in between. It was a rare occurrence like Vanessa Williams even that dog Madonna. Madonna was no great surprise. But Vanessa Williams got alot of flack for took her a long time to recover in the black community because of the high standards we had for our woman and as people.
      Now a days it seems like standard qualification on a resume. These woman are only ready to take off their clothes but they are engaging in all these perverse sexual acts. They are growing in numbers fast. They do not represent the majority of black women..but they are a great disservice for our people.

    6. Back in the day..if did something that was considered were out of a job. Today you do something unethical and your career is just getting started.

    7. oh yeah shes wearing the bunny ears and gonna pose nude.

      anmd she got to let old ass sick white men cum all over her.

    8. Of course she’s using “INCH HIGH PRIVATE EYE for industry connections. Bow wow’s music career declined yrs ago.but he’s about to be on a new CSI type show so I imagine he has some connections that could benefit her.He better be smart and get an ironclad prenup or he will be sorry.When something/someone better comes online she will drop him like a bad habit.

    9. come on now is rare to see non white women grace the cover of play boy. we know Hugh likes blonde’s
      he hardly has any women of color, Erica is Spanish so in shocking way she should be happy

      • They are sooo much more “mature” in the ways of being “street,” if you will. Wretched, grimy, whorish, sub par. Nothing but b.s, mayhem, & kaos shall follow thee.


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