Lil Wayne & Ja Rule Reminice About Jailhouse Treats

From the sounds of their Skype session you’d think Lil Wayne and Ja Rule are looking to land themselves back behind bars!

The convo got turnt when the rappers decided to take it back to their days in lock-up … seemingly sparked by excitement as they reminisced about the times they delighted in “jailhouse treats” … Ramen Noodles and Doritos!

“Wayne served one year on Rikers Island in 2010 for felony gun possession … Ja Rule served over two years in Brooklyn Detention Center for tax evasion.”

Here’s how it went down:

Lil Wayne: “We used to have, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that was the only day we’d get chicken Ramen noodles. You crunch them bitches up. You get you some Doritos”!
Ja Rule: “WOOO! Doritos WITH the Ramen, n*gga,? YEAAAHHH!!!”
Lil Wayne: “You crunch the Doritos up in the bag and then you pour the Ramen noodles in there.”


  1. Yeah he was in there, he talking bout that spread. Ramen noodles, slim jims, doritos, then you put the top on it and let in marinate for 2min. It is good, but high in salt, hell I have high blood pressure. Safe to say I haven’t been back……….. for failing to pay a damn parking ticket.

  2. Jail should never be glorified. I cringe when I hear brothas wax poetic about what they did in the pokey. Our people just got out of bondage, What message is this to send…Just Saying?

  3. People shouldn’t confuse food with prison life!

    all Their music is promoting prison life, shame on Them!! all They care about is the money
    They don’t care about Black People at all!

  4. of course they don’t care for examples ice cube wrote about gang life but he never banged while hes raking in millions his crew who really was in the streets repping him like a mafiaboss is either broke or in jail.

    where cube at sitting on millions employed by Disney while his crew most of them are broke cussing him out saying phukk u ice cube.

    cube doesn’t care he wont even extend a hand to up and coming rappers unless they’re his sons of course and we know his sons grew up rich now hes turning them inmto fake thug rappers his wife must be proud her sons are in the family business of fake thugs as long as those Disney checkls keep coming in.

  5. my babysitter taught me this.. mix the ramen and doritos, roll the bag up like a burrito. stick under a couch cushion, sit on it for ten minutes (most important part, the pressure forms it)… remove from couch, unroll the bag and empty contents. voila, u have a burrito.

    u can cut up some lunch meat and some cheese and add it too

  6. I was so addicted to those damn things lol. Don’t even get me started on the honey bun cheese cakes, pure poison to your body just like the burritos. Full of fat, salt, msg, sugar and other chemicals, I don’t think you can order anything healthy on the canteen list. SMH


  7. 1 bag of ramen noodles
    1 bag of flaming hot Cheetos (hot flamings if you are from the hood lol)
    1 bag of Doritos
    2 for a dollar Slim Jim’s
    ½ cup of very hot water
    Crush all ingredients and tear slim jims into small pieces. Put all ingredient into empty Cheetos bag (foil lining retains heat). Add hot water and massage the bag to mix it all together well. Fold the bag down tightly and wrap it up in a towel. Let it sit for about ten minutes.
    After the ten minutes are up unfold the bag and sit the formed burrito up right and eat like a push pop to keep your hands from getting stained 🙂

    *It’s soo effing bad for you but it tastes so good. I hope non of you have to experience eating one in jail.

    • I am speechless. Black Enga is Martha Stewart of prison cuisine. Oh, wait a minute, that may be redundant since ol Martha did a bid herself.

  8. Haaaa haaa haaaaaa! I have never been to prison before (knocks on wood) a friend I used to know got out of jail and we had been smoking and drinking and made a late night run for some munchies and he made us some, the shit blew my wig back lol.

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