Lil Wayne Denies Latest Seizure Attack

lil wayne denies seizures

Yesterday it was reported that Lil Wayne suffered yet another seizure, but now, we’re really not sure what to believe.

The rapper reportedly suffered his latest seizure attack just moments before taking the stage at TAO nightclub for their pre-UFC party. Reports claimed the Weezy’s performance was canceled, and he was taken to a local hospital and later flew back to Miami to recuperate.

But now Weezy has taken to his Twitter to dispel the rumor. He calls it a “false alarm,” but he thanks everyone for their “konsern.” Um, okayyy…

Do you believe him?


  1. And yet when he passes there will be some simp hollering Illuminati.

    He needs help. He's a good person. He is a loving person. This is heart breaking to me.

  2. Sasha,
    Please let Lil Gremlin know most people who attended the fight had no intention on going to Tao to see him so they were not & still aren't concerned about him killing himself slowly by the things he willfully does that aggravate & trigger his illness.

    The people who regularly frequent Tao & the those careless goons who roll with him are the ones who may be konserned.

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