Fetty Wap’s Girlfriends Kiss & Make Up

fetty wap girlfriends

While Fetty Wap’s baby mamas continue to beef with him (and each other,) his two girlfriends who have managed to date him without getting knocked up have decided its best to keep the peace if they want their lifestyles to continue to be bankrolled by the rapper.

Yaya, Fetty’s self-proclaimed “Day One,” and Alexis Sky, the stripper he leased a home for in Atlanta, have made their official debut as willing participants in Fetty’s harem.

The two posted the same picture standing outside the rapper’s jet with the caption, “What’s understood between us needs no explanation…we just livin life.” The bird to English translation can be summed up as, “Don’t save us, we don’t want to be saved.”

Meanwhile, Masika Kalysha is still poppin’ off on Twitter in between breast feeding her newborn.


  1. Women been doing this for years. Aint nothing new but the admission. Alot of yall sharing men right now, you just don't know it.

    • Yep, and it's much more progressive and mature for women who are fighting over (or getting knocked up by) the same guy to enter a polygamous marriage or relationship than to be sloppy.

  2. Is there a man shortage where they live? Then they should MOVE instead of willingly and knowingly sharing a DOG who looks like he's carrying STD's that even the CDC hasn't heard of!

    Why are they doing this? the answer is in the pic- LV bags and designer swag. The risk their health for material things. Sad.

    • Don't be mad that even after your lip job, tan, butt job, boob job, 4-hour makeup job, and lipo; YOU STILL DON'T LOOK AS GOOD AS HER. Go back to your cave.

  3. I salute them for their maturity. More women need to follow their example. Over thousands of years, people have had strong families and communities with polygamy as an accepted practice. Why divorce multiple times, cheat, share people, fight, and etc?

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