Lil Wayne Cried On Drake’s Shoulder Before Beginning Jail Sentence

Lil Wayne Scared

HSK Exclusive – Could Lil Wayne be that dude shedding tears on the way to lock up? According to our insider, in the months before checking himself into the tank to begin his jail sentence, Weezy couldn’t seem to help but cry over the situation.

“By the time Wayne made to his trailer he was crying to Drake saying he didn’t want to go to jail. Oh yeah … a couple of video vixens were there too.”

Dig the drop:

“After the Always Strapped video shoot Wayne was crying tears saying ‘I don’t wanna go to jail.’ Drake was comforting him and the two video chicks stood there.

Wayne encourages teens in his rhymes to break the law but in reality he’s a b*tch.”


  1. I have no sympathy for this gremlin Wayne. He knew better to not carry an unregistered weapon in New York which has the strictest gun laws in the country. So cry me a river bitch!

    • U ain’t never lied! Thank God I got all of mines registered and got my CWP. Now I need one for the State of Nevada or was it Colorado for the West Coast. Somebody correct me on that one please.

    • Let’s tell the truth he was crying over all dick he gonna miss especially from drake ! An all that ymcb boy booty him and baby invested in ! He’s supposed to be Tonka tough instead he’s really manufactured by Barbie ! Now that’s funny..

  2. Old news, all of’em are studio gangsters ain’t nothen real about them pleaseeee! don’t make me laugh GTFOH!

  3. That’s how they do.. scary *sses get YOU to do the dirty work.

    Why wouldn’t he like jail? Seems like he’d be open to an*l rape..

    Crybaby only did a year and got to come home and be a bigger d- bag drug addict ..

  4. All these so called gangsta rappers ain’t nothing but DL bitches.

    • And mercury wasn’t dl, but was the biggest bitch of them all. No 1 bitch. Head bitch. But he gets a pass why. Because he white. What’s up with your comment. You only support openly gay white entertainers. Ya confusing me over here. No passes for gay entertainers.

  5. I don’t really believe this story because LilWayne’s was complaining about Drake not taking his phone calls while he was in jail so something doesn’t Compute.

  6. jail is no joke, so I can’t blame him for crying-presuming this article is genuine.

    • I agree. Judging by the sensitivity of some about my mere comments, Im sure they would break down fetal position at the thought of being shanked and ass pummeled by a Magnum XL sized kielbasa even if they were merely in a holding cell over the weekend for a traffic violation. Just being away from my fam on a business trip makes me sad, couldnt imagine doing a bid.

      Who fears God? Fear is ignorance. Waynes tat should read Love God instead.

      • God himself says to fear him. He means fear as in respect, not fear as in be terrified of me.

        • Love entails respect. I would not worship anything that has to command respect as it something that is learned through acts of love and benevolence like most love their mom, Fear is when one devoid of information. I dont fear my Creator but love instead.

          Now being broke during old age or unhealthy and perhaps walking in certain neighborhoods after dusk I fear. Waynes God should work for law enforcement. I guess everyones relationship with God is personal and different.

  7. A general question for the flock. Who are the real men in hip-hop? Or,is that a pipedream that existed long ago? Can any brotha be his own man in an industry that is afraid of that reality?

    • Hey I kinda think tone loc held on to his soul. Yes he did blow up but was nowhere after the first album. He wasn’t pushed after the first album. I really think he was a done to earth kinda fella, and I still say ice cube hasn’t bent over or souled out.

      • I can see your point about Tone Loc. He always carried himself in a forthright way, wasn’t in gossip rags for this and that. As to Ice Cube, I will always be conflicted. Never sensed the kiss-ass vibe in him like many in hip-hop. On the flip-side, he played a role in the development of “Crab N****s” that I despise so much. Always bumping their gums, cussing, loud-talking, never serious about anything, believes in nothing, etc. Wayne’s crybaby ways are par for the course. Afraid to be real for his own sake, so, he has to wear a mask to conceal his true self. Manhood is not about being a circus clown…It’s Not!

  8. Smh….and maybe they should send him directly to solitaire so he can think straight without the drugs, syrup and booze about his life, the opportunities and the stupidity of his actions to not better himself.

  9. No rich/wealthy MAN wants to hit jail. I don’t care what their profession is! This is borderline stupidity now…

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