Lil Twist Sets The Record Straight … Blasts Scooter’s False Reports

Lil Twist vs. Scooter Braun

HSK Exclusive – While other media outlets report “a war is brewing” between Justin Bieber and his longtime homey Lil Twist, that seems to be far from the situation.

“[Justin is] still a brother for life.~Lil Twist

Don’t believe me.. Just ask The Biebs’ manager, Scott ‘Scooter’ Braun, who Lil Twist is exposing as the culprit behind the string of false reports about him being a leak to certain “news” organizations.

“Fuck you Scooter and everything you stand for … And all yo fake stories.”

Here’s what Lil Twist took to Twitter to say:

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Lil Twist vs. Justin Bieber