Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Spotted With Joseline Hernandez


    lil kim baby daddy joseline hernandez

    Lil Kim’s Baby daddy hit up a club and was spotted with Love & Hip Hop’s Joseline Hernandez.

    Mr. Papers had his hands all over Joseline’s booty.

    He captioned the photo, “Could you imagine/Guess what this conversation was about?”


    1. She wasted the opportunity she had with Love and Hip Hop. Look at Cardi B’s career; Joseline could have been a contender. At least Cardi B has a good work ethic and Joseline just wants to party. Don’t you have a baby under a year old?? Dang.

    2. I agree@borgquue….and she screwed it up royality. We all learn in life to be better or worst ~


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