Blac Chyna & Lisa Bloom Team Up to Repo Rob’s Range Rover!

blac chyna lisa bloom rob range rover

Blac Chyna has been in her feelings for months after Rob Kardashian swooped in and took possession of the cars he leased for her.

She tried to illegally repossess the Range Rover she gave him as a gift after the two had a meeting at their lawyers’ office. That plan failed, but Chyna didn’t give up.

With some help from money hungry/publicity vulture/lawyer Lisa Bloom, Chyna was finally able to secure the Range!


  1. you failed to explain in your “story/writing” HOW she was able to obtain it. stop cutting and pasting from other sites and TRY to do some research and explain the article who, what, when, and why!

  2. There is no such thing as repossessing a car given as a gift unless you leased it and are making payments on it but the company legally repossed for lack of payment.

  3. These uneducated, sloppy hoes are running to white mommy aka Lisa Bloom to get money and screw over men. Gentlemen, leave these hoes alone! Keep your mind on your money and off of pussy! Use the head between your shoulders, not the head between your legs.

    • @17:17 Sorry, but you got this one twisted… You should be happy that Blac Chyna is gaining victory over the coven of witches! For so long they have drained and used sex to embezzle the Black Community of the money flow that would rightfully be generated were these ignant negro clowns who bed them would circulate the correctly. No. You just get all in your short sighted feelings. This chick and her lawyer, Bloom are waging a war that needed to be done. The universe balances itself whether you like it or not!

  4. In my opinion, bitches like Black Chyna, Claudia Jordan, Tami Roman and Montia Sabbag are one notch above those dirty strippers at the Barbary Coast. The Barbary Coast strippers are one notch above the hookers on Figueroa. Guys these stupid bitches aren’t worth your time. Who gives a fuck what they look like on the outside, most of those bitches are diseased, dirty and loose on the inside. Always date or marry a black woman on your financial level. Never lease a used car, never screw around with a used woman!

    • Been trying to tell yall… Objectifying women and going after tits and ass with no brains or class will ALWAYS backfire on you. *All that glitters isn’t gold* You Gone Learn LMAO!!!

  5. @NbA… Thats real talk… About these sluts being one step above strippin at the “coast” Shit im surprize they havent had BC appear at “STArs”….shes not above that… A thot = a thot… Thot.. Thot.. No matter who u fuckin….

    • Lol a Stars..

      Just drove by there today. It’s looking raggedy as ever on the outside…

    • She bought the car for him outright.

      The shit he gave her was on lease, when they talk about repo, it just means she wanted her shit back!!

  6. What legacy is she leaving for that beautiful baby girl..or her cute little boy…parading around like this…black women we need to do better…and stop idolizing these women…it’s gross….

  7. Anyone who is mad at any WOMAN for being smart enough to get hers, when men have been doing the same AND WORSE for centuries is a fucking hypocrite.

    The game has come full circle, so DEAL WITH IT, you bitter bitches…LOL!

  8. She’s doing the same thing those tramp as sisters do to black men.
    Chyna get those green papers from his lazy fat butt.. His sister are nothing short of a lazy plastic surgeries hookers. They’re all in the same cesspool of trash.. The only difference is the color of their skin..

    • That you are correct. I love it when people go after BC for the same thing the K’s are doing. The exact same thing.

      • IKR they mad because Chyna played his dumb fat ass.. He called his own sisters whores in the past.. I’m all for Chyna getting whatever she can from the house o K’s..No one bothers to say, Kim wasn’t anything but a thief before her sex tape came out and per my son, she’s a lazy f*ck.. I don’t pay to see no one screwing, that’s just me.. That family is
        disgusting and the media praise them and stupid black people run out to buy the crap they make.. The ran Sears out of business, with their shitty poorly made and overpriced clothing..

    • White people lock up your daughters, because that’s all he dates is white women..
      They are crazy to date him, but some will do anything for 15 minutes of fame..

  9. Bruce or whatever its name is now slammed them in his book

    Eve since Kim sucked ray j off we been hearing bout that whole damn family Kim been in films, reality shows, even a workout video, them they gave Kris and khlie talkshows they even had Kris and kourtney in the jacksons family show why

  10. She’s fighting for chump change and cars when she could have sat her ass down for a year or two and clocked millions.

    And you bitter broads cheering her on are just as stupid. Range Rover SMH.

    • STFU, she wanted her shit back and she got it.

      Just because you would put up with anything, does not mean she or anyone else should.

      Keep thinking you would have gotten something because you would not have gotten shit from this broke MF, his koven is paying that child support, NOT HIM!

    • You can’t see the forest for the trees. Look beyond Black Chyna… Look at what is happening. The KKKoven is being challenged and formidably! This isn’t about cheering on Ho-ing. This is about winning strategy against master puppeteers who THOUGHT they cornered the market on exploiting SOME black males’ weakness.

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