Deion Sanders Undergoes Hair Transplant Surgery

deion sanders hair plugs

Deion Sanders must be going through a mid-life crisis. The 50-year-old former NFL player recently got Botox to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles on his face. And now, he’s showing off his brand new hair plugs.

In a video, Sanders yells:

“I’m back! Money! Money is something? Money is a blessing! Everybody bought a booty, I bought some hair!”

What’s next on his surgery list?


  1. This is my opinion, I think there is something very strange when black men are extremely sensitive about their hair. It’s just hair, so what, go bald. Prime has millions, why is he so worried about having hair? Something is off with him.

      • So true and he’s conceited to boot.. The way he treated is ex wife is awful and he calls himself a man. GTFOOH he’s a BITCH and everyone knows it..

  2. Low self-esteem is a b**ch. If it makes him feel better about himself, oh well.

  3. Why people so mad when someone does something that makes them feel better ? Pretty ignorant to me . LIVE YOUR life Prime .

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