Did Toni Braxton & Birdman Elope?

toni braxton birdman

Toni Braxton’s sister, Tamar, gave a shocking interview and said she thinks Toni and Birdman eloped!

“My mother got sick the other day, Sunday she told us she’s having heart surgery on Monday, she has the heart surgery and she gets to her room and 30 minutes later she has a stoke. [Birdman] was there the whole time!. I think that’s my brother-in-law, I do. I think they eloped. I’m telling you, they is married.”

HSK broke the news a year ago that Toni and Birdman were in a relationship.

It wouldn’t the first time Toni picked a horrible husband so congrats!


  1. I’d like to be happy for her but how can she kiss him after she knows where ‘it’s’ been?

    Lil Wayne anyone?

  2. If so, Toni Braxton, you have lost your mind. this must be a publicity stunt. Why would you marry that man that kisses other males in the mouth. What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you even dating him? He turns my stomach. If he doesn’t turn yours something is wrong with you. Toni, are you sick in the head too? Girl you suck. Please do not get pregnant. You too old for this type of nonsense.

  3. She is with him for the money, lifestyle and security the money brings.

    God only knows what he has done is doing to her sons, especially the one with autism…

    Any man who plays with boys, never stops!

  4. Is anybody surprised? we all knew that n**** like dick, so of course he’s going to marry a tranny/man, and don’t tell me she ain’t because Have You Seen Her Sisters?
    birds of a feather flock together…ijs

  5. It’s no more disgusting that what Melania did when she married Cheetolini.

    A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

      • LMAO…RIGHT!?!

        I swear some non-famous people would sell their souls for less than a few trinkets.

        No different than those in the music & entertainment industry….smfh.

  6. so gross. why don’t she just become a hooker because you’ve got to have no self-esteem to lay with that! just look at the face…vomit! really tamar, “they is married.” how about, “eye du declare suh, eye say, eye say, eye du declare eyez is married!” that’s how you sound tamar, dumb…rolling my eyes.

  7. Is Lil wayne going to be best man? What happened to that Filipino boy ‘Baby’ was messin with? I hope they are an industry pairing and that Toni has a proper man on the side.


  9. Toni Braxton aint got no sense if any parts of this is true. Birdman???? This is just dumb and she deserve him if she dumb enough to date him.

  10. This us just insane and Tamar needs to STFU you marri d a fat ass slob yourself.. They are so sick women and that’s just a fact.. I wouldn’t leave my sons or daughters around that sick ugly man at all. All the money and luxury in the world I wouldn’t be with him for one second.l I’m not about to sell my soul for a few or a lot of trinkets.. Oh hell no

  11. “shes with him for the money , lifestyle and the security money brings” . Now tell me which one of YOU ARENT IN A RELATIONSHIP with THAT COMING WITH IT? That is an outright DEMAND in any smart womens choice of a man. And he loves her too obviously. He’s there with you when things are tough for you and your family …paying bills and treating you good. You young girls got a lot to learn . And GOD knows TONI BRAXTON you better go to her class and let her become one of your teachers. God knows some of you NEED THE LESSONS she is teaching out chere.

    • Me the person who wrote it is NOT…why the fuck do I need anyone to take care of me?

      I am a grown human being who can handle my own…

      Any bitch who would potentially sell her kids well-being for some trinkets, is garbage.

    • And let’s clarify, being in a loving secure relationship is more important than clinging onto any man for his wallet!

      Most times those types of relationships come with a huge price (usually your dignity, self-respect & overall piece of mind), that some may be willing to pay, but I for one damn sure would NOT! If you have a brain, no matter how old you are…you know this.

  12. Won’t last long birdman fucked starship god asshoke so much he had to get ass surgery

    Why was birdman around when she had a stroke after heart surgery sounds like mother braxtons time is almost up then when Tamar announced a divorce Vince almost dies in a car wreck

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