Kimmy Blanco Was Mr Papers Suga Mama

Lil Kim Dumps Baby Daddy

HSK Exclusive – Lil Kim told her baby daddy Mr Papers to kick rocks. Know why? Because Kimmy Blanco discovered her baby daddy is cheating on her with lowlife strippers.

Dig the drop:

“When Kim found out Papers was on the internet picking up chicks she stopped paying his child support for the child he shares with another woman and kicked his a** out the house.”



    • She needs to take those cheek implants out. And stop spackling on the makeup like she tryina build a damn wall.


    • I always thought she felt she wasn’t good enough to Wallace because he kept choosing over her and f*cking mixed chicks like Faith Evans & Charli Baltimore. That would at least explain why she made her nose look like a stalagmite, but eh.
      Queen B–Botox?

  1. Paying child support for his child with someone else. Wow, maybe he should change his name to Mr. Loose Change.

    • The f*ck! I wish I would pay dude’s child support for a kid that’s not mines! Kim done bump her head on this one!

      • DR1,

        Some of these sorry ass men have the audacity to pull that crap on women they get with & it’s been going on for longer than what you & I would care to believe. Hell, Whitney was paying ALL Bobby’s child support payments for a long while once upon a time. I’m sure ALL the mother’s couldn’t stand Whitney but lived quite comfortably off HER money…

        And…trust me, Whitney & Kim are NOT the only ones. I have ONE child & no matter who I’m married to provisions for “other people’s kids beyond what’s needed during visitation in my home is taken care of by the 2 biological parents.”

        Some of these people are just lame brained as hell.

  2. And people say Tamar Braxton looks like a freak. At least Tamar resembles the person she was before surgery. Kim is unrecognizable as the person whose boob was cupped by Diana Ross on the MTV awards.

  3. Why do fools fall in love? Damn, she was stupid in love. I don’t know a woman who would pay another mans’ child support. Either she was desperate or just stupid.

  4. All that plastic surgery made you less desirable Kimmy. No man finds a woman attractive that looks plastic. If thats the case a man might as well have sex with a barbie doll.

    • Well, …. some men already do (Have sex with plastic dolls) And I don’t mean the Plastdashians either –

    • men do like plastic chicks as long as it looks good to them. they are simple creatures. kim’s surgery made her UGLY. point blank period full stop

  5. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s so cruel, mean, and so true, LOL

  6. But at least when she found out his ass was cheating she put him out..good for you Kimmy, regardless of how I feel about her self hating, she is smart enough to be done with that loser, such a shame he knocked her up tho..Kimmy about to pay him just like Halle & her white baby daddy in 5..4..3..2..1..

  7. Why was she paying his child support in the first place? Some women are so desperate, they will do anything to keep a man.

  8. I guess things dun changed since her chart topping days. When she was selling records and making paper, a nigga had to give her diamonds, Chanel, Prada, vacations, Bentleys and stack of cash. Now she ain’t had a hit since slick told us a children’s story, the money is funny and now she paying child support for this dusty ass ninja. Kim is hustlin sideways because the only chips between the two of them are the ones on this scrub’s shirt.

    • ^^Couldn’t have said it better myself.Now she’s reduced to buying bootleg dudes

      • That ninja is a close out/ Clarence/super sale/ black Friday bootleg. After all of the deductions, they give you 10% of the Origional cost to take that shit out the store. Because its gona end up costing you to maintain it. Lol.

  9. Sounds like evey other unmarried woman over 35 or overweight Ms Independent with a kid. Hope she removed her credit card or Paypal payment options from his Xbox live account,

  10. Lil Kim should have recycled Papers when he gave her that party bus at her baby shower. Rather he leased it for the show or actually bought her that type of vehicle proved his immaturity. A real man would know a party bus is not a gift you give a mother to be and would not have been a party to the buffoonery. js

  11. Kim seriously turns us off with her stupidity! She dumped his faggot ass PRIOR to getting pregnant and now he has her “trapped” which is going to slow down her career SMMFH

  12. This Bitch Looks Like Cat!! No Joke

    Black Women Wake The Fuck Up Stop Ruining Your Body To Please The Mases

    • Exactly. Women of different races are trying to look like us and here were trying to look like the cave women. I am so glad that God gave me my kinky hair, my big butt and breasts, curvy hips, and thick lips. Black women are the goddesses of the universe. Amen anyone.

      • Have you ever heard the expression “you always want what you haven’t got?” There’s a lot of truth to it. I have fair skin and straight hair. I spend s lot of time trying to darken my skin and get my hair to do something besides look stringy! I’m afraid its one of the mysteries of life why we’re never quite satisfied with what comes naturally.

      • Amen! Tracey I am the same way. Natural hair, ass and tits too! What’s next,naming their kids a ghettofied name?

  13. This fact that Kim would even lower herself to be with this clown speaks of how far she’s fallen both professionally and financially.The La Bella Mafia/Notorious Kim wouldn’t touch this ashy bum but the Lil Kim today would have his child.

    • Don’t look down on people because they don’t have money. At least she has a baby. There are rich people who are trying but can have kids. However the baby came into this world…. It is a blessing.

      • My statement had nothing to do with child birthday because I just used that to validate my point.Go and fck yourself!!

        • Angry black bird stereotypes are sad. No wonder black men can’t stand black women. Good thing I’m black with class.

          • The #1 reason black men date outside their race is PORN. It’s not too many black porn stars, their is more white women opening it up. A lot of young and old men spend time watching that filth.

          • The #1 reason black men date outside their race is PORN. It’s not too many black porn stars, their are more white women opening it up. A lot of young and old men spend time watching that filth. Black families teach their children porn Is morally wrong, so the last person they want to see in a porno is a black sister. Being black I know my fam have always told me that’s white ppl stuff even if they watch it. Lol

  14. Do’t Forget Kim Dated That Racist Scott Scorch
    Who Dissed Timberland In A Song, The Guy Looks Creepy He Looks Like A “Buddy And Me Doll” No Jokes And He Has Many Women On His Plastic Dick…Go Figure!

    Kim Is Hypocrite She Was Fucking B.I.G When He Was Married To Faith Back In The Day
    She Also Fucked Maino When He Was Married To His Wife.

  15. phukk kim and her lovelife.

    she played the jezebel on her records and serve the babalon agenda.

    and nicki want to copy kims legacy what is kim legacy.

    phukking married dudes who beat her.

    spreading her legs wearing colored wigs all these female singers and rappers have to play the Ishtar, Aphrodite, isis agenda.

    nicki was really paying props to the queen of heaven just like kim, foxy, trina, beyonce, gangsta boo, queen latifah, eve, has done.

    beyonce is the number 1 servant of Ishtar right now.

  16. Her face saddens me….why would you do that to your face. She looks like a reject muppet. 🙁

  17. Dam kim the industry made you hate yourself that much that you felt you needed to totally rearrange your face like that? Wow I have to say it’s doesn’t look all that much over done in other words u shouldn’t have had everything done, I could see bringing your eyes up some or a face lift and that’s all, or maybe a touch have and there. You went a bit far. Anyway why would you pay a non work’en not doen shit child support? NOT! Sorry that’s his place no yours, he layed a got a baby so he take care of it, but I guess “LOVE” blinds I’m glad you woke up, he ain’t doen shit obviously if your paying so what did you lose? NOTHING! If he’s not paying child support for his other child then you might have a problem with him paying child support for your baby. Lil mama gone be alright kim time to women up I know you can do better

    • It’s the make up. She looks normal with out it. She puts on too much makeup.

      • @TheRealGodWasRightAllAlong; it’ s NOT the make up. She f–kd up her face. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

        • Trust me I seen recent pics of her without makeup and she was cool. Its definitely the makeup. Everyone on Twitter was saying it.

          • If Kim had been a homely woman it would be easier to understand, but she was adorable!! Just like Michael Jackson was very handsome after his first nose job. If he had stopped there, he would have remained quite a looker.

  18. With all the dye, fake hair, makeup and silicone, I just wanna know was the baby born healthy?

    • The baby is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!
      Like a pretty little doll baby
      Reign looks just like her dad 🙂

  19. I was mad that Kim wasn’t pregnant by MoneyMayWeather, and who the hell cares about broke ass Papers using her. I thought she was smarter than this having a baby by a broke negro.

    • He already got a lot of kids and baby momma drama. Money isn’t everything.

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