‘Life With Latoya’ A Sham?

Latoya's Jeffre Phillps is a Gay Man

BFF Jeffre Phillps Outed!

HSK Exclusive – This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise — but the man who LaToya Jackson is reported to be “in a longtime relationship” with is being exposed as playing for the other team.

We’re talking Jeffre Phillips, Latoya’s manager and BFF on her reality show ‘Life With Latoya’. Sources tell us Phillips isn’t only a gay man who’s lying for Latoya, he’s also known to use his ‘Ja-Tail Enterprises’ company offices (launched with Latoya in 1999) as the grounds to cruise young men.

Here’s the drop:

“Latoya only sleeps with white men. Her reality show is bullshit. Latoya’s show portrays Jeffre as Latoya’s stalker. How could that be? Jeffre’s a gay man.”


  1. Here it is plain and simple.
    Looks can be deceiving.
    Jeffre + Latoya (good friends) yes
    Jeffre + Latoya (married) bad mix
    There you have it in black and white!

  2. So mr racist, what you’re saying is
    That white men have no taste? Maybe you’re
    Living in a world none of us know about? If you
    Really wanna be nasty about it, I will be. Here’s a truth
    Why do sooooo many black guys, who date white
    Gals, only date fat, nasty whoes? Can ya answer
    Me that?

  3. Wow jerkoff, lets turn that around! What white man would
    Want that plastic, wrinkled whoe? No white man has dated her since the 80s!
    Oh boy, u better call Jesse Jackson,cuz I must be a racist!

  4. Lawd @ these comments….poor Latoya she is and will remain a mind control sex slave til the day she dies smdh.

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