Did Young Jeezy Bump Mariah From Nick?

Mariah Carey Cheating w/ Young Jeezy

HSK Exclusive – Mariah Carey was recently spotted in an Atlanta recording studio — without her wedding ring, with Young Jezzy!

The over-the-weekend sighting of the ringless, married songstress comes as sources reveal Mariah had a one-night stand with the rapper, back in 2008, when Young Jeezy featured on her “Side Effects” track. Now, not only is Mariah being outed as a ‘promiscuous drunk’ — she’s also being blamed for leaving her marriage in shambles, as Nick stays at home to take care of the couple’s kids.

Here’s the drop:

“Mariah Carey’s album drops July 23, and she’s out mingling for features to appear on her up and coming CD. Mariah is a good singer, but she’s also rated in the business for giving good head.”