Lee Daniels Stiffed Damon Dash For Million$

Dame Dash Suing Lee Daniels

Damon Dash is suing Empire director, Lee Daniels, for $25 million. Know why? Because Lee Daniels screwed Dame out of millions that he invested in four of the Hollywood directors films.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Damon Dash invested millions in The Woodsman, Precious, The Paperboy and The Butler and was supposed to be repaid with the profits along with a executive producer credit on the films. He was never compensated from Daniels.”

Here’s what Lee Daniels said:

“The deal we made for The Woodsman specifically mentioned the risks of investing in a motion picture and many factors could lead a film to not bring in a profit off the budget.

Damon is extremely vague in his complaint and I have no idea what agreements he is speaking of. I demand the entire lawsuit be thrown out.”

Here’s Damon Dash firing back at Daniels:

“He’s trying to deceive the court. There are 3 contracts we both signed over the course of the years, to fund Lee’s film projects.

Lee has admitted to me that he owes me millions from the profits of the films and even attempted to offer partial payments over the years.”


  1. First Jay z and now Lee Daniels, i mean what does he expect? Dame Dash is self proclaimed asshole. There is only Three things you can do with an asshole. Shit out of it, sit on it or f*ck it. I would say being what he claims he is, he is being treated accordingly.

    • More of that *ahem* creative hollywood accounting. They promise you a percentage of profits, but there are so many fees going to so many people attached to the movie, that even though it could make hundreds of millions, on paper its not profitable. The creator of Forrest Gump got cheated out of a fortune this way and you know Forrest Gump made crazy paper.

      When the bloodsuckers came to him trying to get a sequel made, he came up with the perfect comeback, telling them he’d hate to make a sequel to a movie that lost them so much money, basically telling them to go f*ck themselves.

  2. WONDER DID LEE RIP HIM A new one or what.

    plus that pic opf them looks hellagay.

  3. Regardless of how he acts if he owed his money pay him. Dames brought a lot to the table for a lot of ppl. Maybe the ALMIGHTY is given him a lesson with being humble, and thats for him to figure out. We on the outside lookin in judging from others povs. I bet if they put Jay Lee Jim Jones and every other artist or persons Dame allegedly did bad deals with in the same room on live tv we’d find out who really f*cked who over

  4. All I remember is Dame ranting about 4 a.m. outside of an NYC club back about 2002. He was saying that everyone surrounding him was ‘weak’ and had a ‘slave mentality’ if we didn’t just up and quit our jobs and successfully pursue our dreams the next day.
    I really wish I could play that tape back for him today.


    according to this dude who was a wu tang affiliate odb’s premature death was connected to dame dash or something lots of details was left out but why did this dude say dame had to pay.

    wouldn’t sign with none of these ceos none of them.

    all snakes crooks.

    dame needs to go somewhere and retire he made his money he has nothing more to offer.

    if he had anything to do with aaliyah’s death then he lost evrerything.

    blacks cannot get rich, act like they’re mightier than everybody else and expect to live long.

    yes dame thought he was god they all think they’re gonna be around forever.

    jay z and beyonce has their day coming.


      I believe he was connected to ODB’s death. I remember it was suspect when he ODB died and then all those videos surfaced of him seriously talking about George W Bush was trying to kill him.

      I believe their is a connection. I also believe Mariah Carey knew what was going down too.


      • i really believe dame had something to with aaliyah death. aaliyah brother stated that she didn’t want to get on the plane. i think her family know the real reason behind her death. question is why would (blackground records) barry hankerson made her go to the bahmans when she didn’t even want to go? word is dame was begging aaliyah to get on the plane. alot of people benefited from her death. that’s all i going to say

        • Even if it is true that Dame encouraged her to get on the plane, why didn’t she or someone else agree to lighten the load of the cargo? That was the problem. There was nothing wrong with the aircraft. The same thing could happen if a United B777 were to attempt to take off way over flight plan weight.
          So for your theory to be correct, Dame would have had to insist that the plane NOT off load the overage of cargo AND that Aaliyah and her friends go anyway. That makes no sense at all.
          The passengers(I’m not putting it all on Aaliyah) made a very big mistake and it was tragic. But the laws of physics and aviation are immutable. An aircraft HAS to be able to attain lift under its wings in order to take off, and if it’s too heavy it can’t attain lift.
          If they would have listened to the pilot, or if the pilot had insisted on not taking off heavy, they would all be alive today.
          Tragedies which are senseless are the saddest of all. People create scenarios in order for them to make some sense of them, but it was a simple stupid mistake.

          • I believe that is the ‘excuse’ for why the plane went down. I dont believe for one second these people were that naive and petty that despite being told to lighten the plane they refused. Do you?

            • According to the NTSB report, that is exactly what happened. They refused to leave any equipment behind, and the captain, whose first responsibility is for the safety of his passengers and the plane, did not put his foot down and refuse to take off. He was at fault for that. But again, how could that be Dame’s doing? Does anyone really think it was a suicide mission and the captain was paid to okay the heavy flight knowing he would die too?
              The conspiracy theory on this one is just wrong. Bad stuff happens to good people everyday, but you can lessen the odds by exercising good judgment.

            • Well we can ultimately blame the pilot. I get what you are saying but if the pilot had a problem with the manifest, nobody can make him fly, the ultimate decision is his. I learned this not too long after aliyah died. I witnessed the pilot of Marine 1, tell a presidential staffer that the weather was screwed up and he wasn’t flying. The President would have to wait or find another way. And on that day I witnessed the president of the US take the Motorcade and travel 75 miles to where he wanted to go.

            • Anon 14:04, I didn’t see your comment before I wrote mine, I didn’t mean to step on your post, my bad. But you are absolutely correct.

        • :@Anon 1853 I agree. Just because they are selling it don’t mean I’m buying it. I don’t know too many no let me correct that I don’t know anyone that is not afraid to fly. So they are telling the passengers the load is too heavy, its dangerous we may crash, no, we can’t fly like this…Yet nobody protested. They all sat comfortably like eff that let’s go and all of our stuff. C’mon now.

          • That is not exactly the scenario. The captain notified them of the weight and balance issues.
            They were told they could either wait for larger equipment to be flown to the island or they could go in groups in order to lighten the load. They were insistent that they had to get to Miami stat and they weren’t leaving anything or anyone behind.
            As a pilot, I have dealt with entitlement issues like this one when flying celebrity charters before. They are special, and the ruled don’t apply to them. And bear in mind, this was prior to 9/11. There was less fear and tension surrounding aviation at that time.

            The report is available for all to read if you want to see for yourself.

            • They left the choreographer Fatima Robinson behind. She said she would catch the next flight. When she said that, she said she shoulda told Aaliyah to stay with her. But she was adamant about getting back to New York to two reasons. To see Dame and to start filming the Matrix. Another thing that got me was that Rock The Boat video was supposed to be shot later that following week. After the More Than A Woman video. But Barry told her she had to go a do that Rock The Video right then and there. I was like why was they was rushing her to do that video? Now put two and two together and I was like Damn!

            • It doesn’t matter what the official report is. No one belives I pilot would fly a weight challenged plane anymore than a doctor would opperate with a dirty scalpel. That’s actually more believeable cuz maybe you have a slim chance of surviving the surgery. But an overloaded plane is not going to be able to achieve the altitude logged into its flight pattern which would be a traffic control issue. Not to mention the likelyhood of being unable to accelerate. So…It seems like she was sacrificed and the pilot was some sort of manchurian candidate. His past was somewhat shady. Something just ain’t right there

            • anonymous 21:19 It is clear from your comment that you have no understanding of avionics or the physics involved in achieving lift from under the wings. Air traffic control issue? This occurred at an out island airport with no tower or ATC.
              It also seems that you have a very vivid fantasy life. A Manchurian Candidate cultivated and trained for the purpose of destroying Aaliyah Houghton, an R&B singer actress who was yet to be accepted as a mainstream artist? Sure dude. That makes a lot of sense.

            • It makes About as much sense as you hit dog hollering all over a blog entry trying to disuade people from the truth. You are a liar. Private planes have to log their flight plan and radio their position to air traffic control. You can’t just fly anywhere you wish @ any time so that’s false. And you are the one who obviously doesn’t understand that a plan overloaded by hundreds of pounds can’t achieve the proper altitude. We are supposed to buy that you are a working pilot. Ok.
              The guy who did sandy hook and the batman shooter are both MCs. And the lives they ruined were not nearly as high profile as Ms Houghtons. So take your condescending attitude and fly yourslf to the moon. I’m noy buying what you are serving.

      • Sorry but I doubt Dubya ever even heard of ODB. That’s crazy. Did Dame hold him down and dose him?

        • yes there was a video of odb saying that he doesn’t care for the government while method man quickly said he love the government.

          odb was getting shot numerous times and survived then going to jail numerous times.

          lots of folks said that dirty wasn’t doing drugs til the fame came in.

          you can tell when wu tang came out with protect ya neck odn looked decent later on by the timwe his debut album came out there was a numerous change he looked strung out.

          and the folks who said dirty never did drugs and that he wasn’t crazy lied they was benefitting while he was alive.

        • odb died of a crack overdose which means dame had somebody poison the stuff that dirty smoked.

          if dame had something to do with it.

          why people smoke crack not knowing if somebody did something to it .

          • Mariah was good friends with Dame and Jay in 04 (Remember she was in State Property 2?) and Rockafella at the time. I remember she was at ODB’s press conference when he got out of jail and officially signed with Rocafella, this was documented on his vh1 reality show. She also attended his funeral, it’s just strange to me and ijs she sure did go up in the ranks a year after he died when she released Emancipation of Mimi…..and on the Aaliyah thing I don’t think weight had anything to do with that plane going down that’s the excuse (false flag) they used to cover up what ever took the plane down. Think about if that Cessna was 700 pounds overweight it wouldn’t even lift off the runway. Cessna’s that size wont even take off if it’s 400 pounds overweight let alone 700 pounds.




              MAriah was selling before aaliyah hit the scene.

              her and dirty did a song together but Mariah was trying to get record sells and she was doing songs with lots of rappers then.

              r&b artists and vets had to do songs with rappers since the start.

            • Mariah was flopping before mimi was released go pull the numbers. I don’t think she knew anything about Aaliyah’s death but I do believe she knew about ODB she was around them too much around that time and I always found that odd…..and to dude above I don’t believe you are a licensed commercial pilot for a second because it is aviation 101 to know the weight classification of Cessna’s and to say a Cessna 402B took off 700+ pounds overweight is false.

              Stop lying.

            • I would expect that from a fool who believes the NTSB filed a false report about the accident. I fly corporate jets, and I make very good money. Whether you believe me or not is unimportant. Where did you train? I went to Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach, and I flew commercial for Delta Connection before I went to work for NetJets. What’s your gig?
              Yeah, that’s what I thought.

            • Lol….@:41, you are a liar and a shill. You trained here, flew there, blahblahblah….and yet you hang out on blogs working overtime to belittle people who dont buy that jank ass heavy airplane theory. You get way too emotional and insulting to not have some sort of interest. Every time someome mentions it your google alerts sound off and here you come. You should know by now that no one is listening to you. A friend of hers used to post here btw. Someone who claimed to be besties with her make up artist. You should search the archives for those posts. Wait….you wont because you are so busy with your non existant aviation career. You should chill, shill.


  6. This lawsuit is bogus along the lines of other lawsuits that Dame Dash brother likes to file against wealthy celebrities, if one reads the book “UNTOUCHABLE:The Strange Life and Death of Michael Jackson” one will that Dame Dash brother nearly brought Michael Jackson to financial ruin due to all the bogus lawsuits that was being filed against Michael Jackson and him having to answer to every last one of them lawsuits that can be very expensive, Dame Dash is just trying to get money to live his over the top celebrity lifestyle, lol

  7. My cousin owes me 300 bucks but I told her not to pay it back because it’s been years ago. She is still suffering physically and financially. She came back and asked me for more. No was the answer! See…

  8. Same old story…
    When they need your money they pick you up in a limo…
    After they get your money? They don’t even give you bus fare to get back home.

  9. dame has no clout hes not selling records so who cares what he thinks.

    not wise for a has been to go against a man who has more money and clout than you do.

  10. who cares. Dame don’t have the juice no more & that why he got punked by Lee Daniels step & fetch (wig waering?) punk ass. Lee protected by Oprah & Tyler Perry so they gay mafia got it on lock Dame aint never gone see that money.

  11. He broke bread with the wrong dude. Lee Daniels is in the club, they will back him up. I heard that FOX-TV is giving Empire a second season…Interesting! It just hit the airwaves, What’s up with that?

  12. I bet Damon stiffed him too with a stiff dick up his gay ass. Yall know that’s how they do deals in the industry.

  13. What in thee horrible f*ck is that on His head, he looks just like a drugged out industry bitch..yes he’s back on that shit

  14. Why did it take four films to figure this out? He should have known after he was dissed on the first one. Idiot.

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