Erica Mena’s Former Pimp Says “Erica & Bow Wow’s Relationship Is Fake”


Erica Mena’s former pimp, Chrissy Monroe, said in a recent radio interview that, Erica Mena’s and Bow Wow’s relationship is fake.

The Love and Hip Hop New York cast member went on to say, Mena also told the shows producers that she refuses to shoot scenes with her..

Here’s what Monroe said:

“She’s an attention hungry fame h*e. I guess she thought she was going to bring him on the show. Maybe she thought she was going to be the next host of 106 & Park.

I don’t really care! It’s a wrap. Girl bye.”


  1. Really Chrissy??
    Yet Your Getting Banged Out By A Married Man, And You Want A Baby With Him
    Erica Mena Might Be Something Else But She Doesn’t Fuck With Married Men Like You Chrissy

    So Shut Your Black Woman Wannabe Ass Up

    • What makes you think she isn’t black? You know that we come in 16 shads of black; 16 shades of brown and 16 shades of yellow, right? All are black, and we are the only race that can do this.

      • @Sunni

        Shut Your Bytch Ass Up, Chrissy Is A White Bytch Point Blank!!
        Just Because A Nicca Is Plowing Her Saggy Field, She Think’s She’s Black !!

  2. Told you Eric is pure 100%trash fake thirsty ass whore thirsting for fame

  3. Shad is gay and Erica is gay. Their relationship is fake. Shad was trolling chicks to get with so they could get a reality show.. End of story.

  4. I guess since Kenya faked having a man, this girl said she could pull it off too. But why would the producers allow this to happen without confirming her story of being in a relationship with Bow? Didn’t they attempt to contact Bow to see if he would be on the show? If they did, Bow would have told them know. Then they would know why.

    • Mostly ALL people are faking their relationships to be on reality and those who are not are on their last legs in the marriage and are mostly doing reality tv cuz they are desperate

  5. That’s why they cancelled 106 n park because of Erica Menace and Bow Wow was never a good luck.

    • No, Beyonce’s Black Star Power is what shut down 106 & Park. Not some confused lil boy who can’t get his career or his name together…& definantly not some unsung & never have been able to

      • I thought Beyonce said she wasnt black
        Smh and laughing at the black power remark/comment

  6. Erica Mena is an an escort or was an Escort. The relationship is fake. Bow wow was with Ayisha Diaz last year for like 2 months and now he’s with another bird brain only a crazy lunatic this time.. smh Wasnt there evidence of Erica Mena accepting a trip to Turkey on this site? smh Its obvious she’s an escort. That love and Hip Hop Check isnt gonna last for ever. To be honest she fakes those scenes to get people to watch her. I mean think about it? She tried music and sucked cause she can’t sing. Erica Mena is just an Escort that get paid because she was on tv. She uses the TV to charge a little more. Thats about it…..

  7. Erica Ain’t No Saint But At Least She’s Not Being Banged Out By A Married Man Unlike That Saggy Tit Bytch Chrissy
    Who Getting Banged Out By Some Sellout Nicca. Chrissy Should Worry About Her Life Playing Around With A Married Man
    Ain’t Good Look! Especially Bragging About The Sex On Tv!!!! His Wife Might Be Watching How Embarrassing?

    This Is Same Nicca Who Appeared On Keyisha Cole’s Video Called “Should Of Cheated” And He Cheat On His Wife!!

  8. I guess Erica is Chrissy’s claim to fame because she is beating down this “who really cares pimp story”. This just make Chrissy just as much as a fame whore. Who really care what Erica was doing at 17???? We barely care what she is doing now, give it a break.

  9. chrissy jus seems a little too worried about erica she played rich wit some childish stuff tried to befriend cyn gurl u said what u had to say to her bout talkin behind ur back why continue to dwell on erica u pressed oh but erica is a thrist bucket tho

  10. I think Chrissy is faking her relationship with Chink. Considering he was taking my girl out in DC, inboxing me on IG and hanging with one of my other girls. But then again we been knowing him since he played in JYB, way way before the fame.

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