Laura Govan Looking for Some Strange on Instagram


    laura govan

    After the longest engagement ever, a stolen $1 million engagement ring, four kids and some busted car windows, former Basketball Wives L.A. cast mate Laura Govan is now single after getting dumped by former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas. Gilbert kicked Laura out of his Los Angeles mansion, and now she’s on the prowl and looking to get some strange from random men on Instagram.

    Laura couldn’t run the risk of looking too pathetic, so she asked her friend Jenn Lopez to record a dating announcement for her.

    Is Laura that desperate or is she just trying to make Gilbert jealous?

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    1. She seems ok, but Gilbert is crazy and I don’t think any man wants to deal with him. Good luck on being alone….at least until all your kids are off in college.

      • Gilbert is crazy, but how crazy is she for putting up with him for all these years? I understand that she loves him but damn, enough is enough. I’m sure they will get back together again, she will forgive and forget until he snaps again.

        • According to your post, it’s said she is no longer putting up with it and is trying to move on now. And I support her on that but I just think Gilbert will make it hard on the next man to be with her. He’s going to be worse than Future hatin self. Sometimes it’s hard to cut a dude off when there are kids.

      • Oh, SHE’S CRAZY (TOO)! Laughing!

        Btw, “WHAT HAPPENED TO HER???”

        “WHERE’S (THE REST) of her???”


        “SAME (HOOK) NOSE, THOUGH!” 😛

        “CRAZY HORSE!”

        “SOPHIA”…Laughing AGAIN!

    2. Why are women trying so hard to look like transs ?
      Not a good look ladies?!?

    3. Her white friend is trying to act black lol! finger waving and chit, black men stop phucking with those type of women. A decent black women it’s all you need.

    4. Laura is a bird and that’s why she hasn’t been wifed. She’s hard on the eyes and has a nasty attitude. Good luck on finding a man who wants you and all them kids.

        • Ol’ “CRAZY” LAURA KNOWS “CRAZY” GILBERT’S SECRETS!! 😉 laughing!

          HE’LL BE BACK! laughing!



      “SOPHIA!” …

    6. WHO cares about this chick/broad! YO CALL SHAQ! Guess what she still aint the! Gilbert should have had a real sistah! I bet he wouldn’t pull that crapola with a Real SISTAH. Trust there is a difference

      • You have to be white. Black women have sailed away from Black males a long time go. And Gilbert is crazy and he would have don’t this stupid shit to anyone. Black or not.

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