Future Heated W/ Ciara’s Field Play Recruiting Baby Future For #TeamWilson


Apparently, there are some major commas separating the past month of Ciara pictured all up on one NFL quarterback (who happens to be ranked among “the most successful young quarterbacks in NFL history”) … and this past weekend of Baby Future following Ciara’s NFL play! That’s because Future seems to be feelin’ some type of way after he and Ciara’s son was captured on camera showin’ Russell Wilson mad love, and the pics of the affectionate moments hit the Twitter circuit.

Here are Future’s apparent response to the images:


The pics — of Future Zahir Wilburn (15-months) and his mamma’s new boyfriend, NFL’er Russell Wilson — were reportedly taken at the Seattle Seahawks training camp, this past weekend. That would be about a day after the 26-year-old quarterback sealed an $87.6 million, four-year extension with the Seahawks, Friday. “The deal includes $60 million guaranteed,” says a source. “It’s one of the richest contracts in football history.” It sure seems like Ciara made it point to not miss the opportunity to officiate her role alongside Wilson, and rolling Baby Future out onto the field with!!!


“Russell and Ciara have been dating for a few months and earlier this summer, photos surfaced of Baby Future going on outings with the pair.”

What’s out there:

“Last month, Future expressed his discontent with the NFL player’s growing relationship with he and Ciara’s son, Future. And his sentiments on the matter don’t seem to have changed, judging by Ciara and Wilson’s latest QT session.

“Like that’s the number one rule. If I was a kid and my mama had a dude push me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the sh*t out of him,” Future said in an interview on The Breakfast club back in July.”








  1. Future is a loser who has four or five baby mothers who he probably doesn’t take care of. At least Ciara found a decent role model to be in her kid’s life.

  2. Ciara should have been with Russell to begin with. It’s better to have a man that’s educated and has a good head on his shoulders than a bum from the ghetto.

  3. Future is a gutter rat bitch who I am shocked doesn’t have more kids than the four. He is such a tramp and I have no idea why Ciara procreated with him. I seriously stopped liking Ciara after she started dating the Past. As far as this Russell thing…who cares.

    • NOT “A (GUTTER) RAT???”

      LMBBo!! laughing AGAIN!!….”FUNNY!!” …Laughing!


    • L O L! PLEASE refrain from making Future appear like a national f*cking treasure. Bye gurr!

  4. Most of the time dudes don’t like their ex getting with a guy because they feel like their child support checks will be funding her NEW BOYFRIEND instead of the CHILD. You’d think Future would be happy that Ciara is with Russell because with his new contract, the only thing Ciara need Future’s child support check for, is to pay for a light bulb.

  5. I heard that T.I. is feeling some type a way about what Ciara did. He’s dipping, REALLY? Um, how many outside children has he had on tiny?

    Future is such a sore loser, you her had and you didn’t care so put your big boy draws on and suck it up already. She has moved on but I guess there lies the rub.


  6. They make a gorgeous family and their own kids will be just as beautiful. Nice to see a top drawer athlete with a BW for a change.

    • I don’t think that’s on the athlete. How many women would have called this dude a cornball for his actions thus far, and how many women (without knowing him) would have preferred Future and called him “fine”?

      Think about it…

  7. …..Ahhhh yes…..the mother and the baby’s “aunt-uncle”…. Looking after the child….Isn’t that better that two “women” are looking after the child…than a ” strange” man…???….LOL….

  8. As usual, her father is there and he has been with that child from the day he was born! Say no more

  9. He didn’t have an issue when she was running around with his children and hanging with his baby mothers. Dude needs to have serval seats.

  10. Now coming from what I know and I mean that, but actually Russ is actually straight. Yes, Russ is heterosexual. Future, dude Imma need for to take this big ole L, chop it up , and charge it to the game.

  11. So Future is that type of a man who thinks that after dumping a woman that she wont find happiness elsewhere? Guess what brotherman, you aint shit to begin with. You are just a sore loser who should get his life and let Ciara be happy since you couldnt make her happy. Boohoo cry me a river.

  12. Lmao! Future is looking like a homemade bitch ass loser! Like duhhhhhhh.…..When a person moves eventually that person is going to date again and eventually that person is going to meet somebody like a child….Hellloooooo!!!!

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