LaRon Landry Xposed Trolling Transs To Fuk

LaRon- Landry Exposed Gay Athletes

HSK Exclusive – An online dating profile has been brought to our attention, apparently airing out one Indianapolis Colt’s dirty Laundry. This, less than one day after the NFL safety seems to have taken to social media to front on females for face.

Now, from the from the looks of the ‘’ page, LaRon Landry seems to have a secret fetish for transgender jumpoffs.

“ is the largest gay/bi/trans social network where members communicate with Black and Latino Brothas/Sistas. BGC welcomes all members of the LGB&T community, including the Black Brothas/Sistas, Our Latino Brothas/Sistas, Our White Cousins and Our Far East Coast Cousins from China and India, we are all One Big Family. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not belong here.”

Just a check out the post that seems to have the NFL Safety’s fingerprints all over it:

LaRon Landry Gay Exposed LaRon Landry Trolling Transs


  1. I always said that Football is a gay ass sport. check the ballistics, Wide receiver, running back, hut hut, so on and so on..

  2. Anyone can set up a profile on BGC. That site is so old, I didn’t think it was still up and running. The boys who like boys have so many portals in which to troll for penis. He would’ve been better off on Craigslist in their casual encounters.

  3. UNBELIEVABLE this guy has on one of the cheerleaders shirts, and nobody said anything o_o…really, unbelievable.

    from slapping bootys to sweaty hugging and kissing, yall KNOW the gay agenda is being blatently as well as subliminally pushed in these damn sports. so STOP IT..acting as if this mess started yesterday. this fool with a cheerleader shirt on didn’t expose a hoard of gayness in these sports, it was exposed a long time ago…yall just pretended to not see it.

    • We talk abou them shirts before. Kid cudi wore one. There was a story on it on here. Everything was said then

            • Killa, since I like you Imma letchu in on my little secret. Install Mozilla Firefox and then simply check the box which says: prevent page reloading. You will never have to rush through a post again. Install AdBlock Plus and you will never have to listen to the wack music again.
              Sorry I can’t help you with your spell check issue. lol

            • Thanx 5:43 … Truth is I’m only good for about 3 sentences at a time anyway. Hence the Killa. All Killa no filla….lol I know ima idiot fool.

  4. When I was an 11 year old girl I fashioned 6 of the same hybrid tshirt/stripper top for my double dutch team to go to nationals. It was only slightly less appropriate for us than it is for a 20 something “macho” male.

    • Ha! Think hes just tried too hard and it was a fashion miss. Like a female with a nice figure with too revealing clothing looking skanky instead of sexy. Dude has that cut up body with ‘roid definition that one would notice in a hoodie instead of that Redskins fanatic baby bib. Of course overweight and bird chested dudes will unite in solidarity to hate.

  5. Ya’ll need to stop trippin’ because you KNOW that page is fake! That probably isn’t LaRon Landry. It’s very easy to take someone’s picture from the Internet and post it as a profile picture. MANY people do it, or have done it. Hell, I’m sure ya’ll have seen the show on MTV Catfish!!
    Please don’t be so naive ya’ll. I HIGHLY doubt that kat is gay…and if he is he would probably be smart enough NOT TO USE his actual picture! LOL

  6. Y’all are dumb…

    This is the type of garbage that HSK thrives on. I am a Colts season ticket holder and anyone who played football or has been in a stadium 2 hours George a game will tell you these guys wear all kinda stuff under their uniforms for “luck”. Football players are a strange breed but this doesn’t make anyone gay. The page is obviously a fake. LaRon Landy is one of the baddest MFz in the NFL. I could take pics of Jacky from this site and do the same.


    • I don’t know nothing about this guy. So what if he plays ball, the shirt is gay. Would you were a shirt like that. U prolly wouldn’t cause it’s to gay looking. No passes for celebrities.



  8. I was thinking the same @ LB3, he probably dissed some chick, she out on her butt, broke and just mad… and the most common rumor is to put ‘gay’ on somebody, smh…

  9. It probably is a fake profile get with it people..Dude aint stupid to put a ad in a gay trans personal page…

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